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    How to Create an Email Signature That Works

    by Tatiana Pyrih

    How to create an email signature

    A lot of internet marketers don't pay any attention to the email signature. In fact, it is the most overlooked aspect of email marketing. However, there are many useful things you can do with it. A lot of successful marketers use the signature section of their emails to leverage their entire marketing campaign very effectively.

    Many marketing professionals believe that signatures to email serve as online business cards. The small detail can help your customers, prospects, and readers to connect with you on a personal level. Similarly, you can also use the email signature to divert traffic. The opportunities are endless. You just need to have the right frame of mind to use it effectively. We’ve covered the 10 most important tips that will show you how to create an email signature that looks both attractive and efficient.

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    Standardization of the Signature for Email

    A very important tip is to standardize your signature of an email. It is deliberately put at the top so you could do it right from the start.

    If you are a business with a lot of people working in it, it is important that every person should use the same email signatures style for creating maximum awareness and exposure for the brand.

    On the other hand, if you are the only one who is going to use the signature to emails, you don’t have to worry about it.

    Vertical line in email signature

    How to insert a vertical line in email signature

    In these two examples, all the email signatures of the employees of a company are created in the same style. This will help users to identify a brand by the email signature.

    Don’t do like this:

    How to add vertical line in email signature

    How to create a vertical line in email signature

    Signature to email

    When the company is the same, but the signatures are different, it doesn’t let a receiver make strong associations with your brand. So, recognition will suffer.

    Social Media Profiles in Email Signature

    Email marketing and social media traffic is a two-way lane. Sometimes, you use your social media audience to increase email subscribers and vice versa. It is actually a proven and effective technique for nurturing your leads with social media websites.

    Therefore, it is a good idea to include links to your Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn profiles in the email signature design. It will also give your readers a chance to connect with you personally. However, some marketers tend to go overboard with it. So try including only the links that will really benefit you and your business in an email signature.

    In email signature

    Social media links are added to the email signature. This will help the sender to promote the accounts, and the receivers to learn more about him from the profiles.

    Keep the Email Signature Short

    There used to be a tedious debate about the signature’s length. Fortunately, the issue is all settled now. Ideally, an email signature design should have 4-6 lines.

    Anything less than 4 lines is not really an issue, though most marketers cannot fit all the required information in much less space. Moreover, inadequate information might also hurt your credibility.

    So, try to create an email signature not less than 4 lines and no longer than 6.

    Signature of email

    The email signature consists of 5 lines, and this is the optimal size.

    Signature to emails

    The signature is too long (9 lines!)

    Vertical Line in Email Signature

    Filling all the required information in just 4-6 lines can often become difficult. It is, therefore, a good idea to use vertical lines to separate closely-related information.

    For example:

    Mr. Tim John | Human Resource Manager | ABC Ltd.

    Phone: 123456789 | Mobile: 987654321 | email: abc@gmail.com

    Looks rather good, doesn’t it? But how to insert a vertical line in an email signature? This is very easy. Just press the slash button with the writing “\ |” (it is placed above “Enter”) together with “Shift”. And you will get the vertical line in your text.

    Email signature

    The vertical line separates two telephone numbers and two email addresses from each other. It looks much better than if they would be placed on the different lines.

    Emails signatures

    In this case, the sender hasn't used the vertical dividers, so he has placed the telephone numbers in two separate lines. This made the signature too long.

    Adding Links and Hyperlinks to the Signature of Email

    Adding hyperlinks in email signature design is another great idea – provided if you keep it highly relevant.

    It may be really tempting to include a lot of hyperlinks, but keeping it relevant will bring better rewards and traffic.

    A good idea is to at least include your website’s link. Moreover, you can also create awareness for a particular upcoming product. Discount coupons also tend to work better than many other links. Just remember that your email signature is not the place to sell.

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    Signature for email

    The link to the website and the hyperlinks to the social media in the email signature.

    Simplicity is the Way to Make your Email Signature Great!

    Creating the email signature design for your campaign, always remember to keep it as simple as possible.

    This is because you are never entirely sure about the end-result on different devices, screens, email clients, and browsers. Therefore, it is always best to avoid using fancy images, special fonts, graphics, and colors while creating a signature to emails.

    Use the simplest fonts and colors. Avoid images to keep the entire design really simple. The one exception can be a photo of a sender. This image is useful for gaining more trust among the receivers. If employees don’t want to place their photos to the email signatures you can replace it with the logo of your company.

    How to set up email signature in outlook

    The signature to an email with the photo. It helps a user to understand better who reaches out to him, and this creates a more personal atmosphere.

    How to change email signatures in outlook

    The signature with the logo. It’s also an acceptable variant.

    Vertical line in email signature

    The signature with both logo and photo looks overloaded. Try not to do like this.

    The Divider in Email Signature

    Another overlooked aspect of the design of signature to email is how you divide it from the rest of the email. There are various ways for doing it, but the best practice is to use the hyphenated divider (—)

    As most people are accustomed to seeing it, they instantly identify it as an email signature divider. Moreover, it also looks very clean – much more so than many other options.

    How to insert a vertical line in email signature

    The divider separates two different blocks: the facts about the sender and his contacts. It helps a user to find the needed information faster.

    How to add vertical line in email signature

    There is no horizontal divider, so the signature looks worse

    Adding Contact Information to the Signature of Email

    Adding contact information in your email signature design has the same concept of adding social media links. It is to establish contact and relationship with your readers.

    The important tips in adding contact information are:

    • Do not include a lot of phone numbers. At most, add two.
    • A lot of people prefer connecting via Skype. Although it is an extremely efficient form of communication, it can be a bit personal. Add it only if you are comfortable with it.
    • Is it wise to add your email address, too? Well, you should include your email address as well. Why? Mainly because not every email client and mobile app clearly showcase your email information. Furthermore, if you use the “vertical bar”, an email address won’t take a lot of space anyway.

    How to create a vertical line in email signature

    The contacts in email signature will help the receivers to reach out to the sender in a fast and easy way

    Do Not Use Quotes in Email Signature

    Using quotes in email signatures has kind of become a norm. However, as a professional internet marketer or businessmen, you should avoid this.

    There are a lot of reasons for not doing it. By using quotes, you run at a risk of hurting someone’s sentiments and beliefs. Moreover, adding quotes in professional emails isn’t really credible and sophisticated. It is also a waste of valuable space that you could optimize otherwise.

    In Conclusion: a few Words about Emails Signatures Making

    If you are not sure that you know how to create an email signature yourself, there are people and companies who will gladly do that for you, provided you pay a certain sum of money. What it all comes down to – you simply can’t do without one.

    The importance of email signature can hardly be overestimated. For this reason, all email clients and email service providers (like Outlook and Gmail) allow you to create one. The same tools are available in software similar to our bulk email sender, which email marketers use for sending large quantities of emails. In this case, the importance of quality email signature is even more important and can have a great effect on the overall success of the email campaign. So, create a good signature for an email to increase brand recognition.

    The afterword: FAQ about the Signature to Emails

    As the final part of the article, we’ve decided to give you the answers to the most commonly asked questions on this topic. Here they are.

    How to set up an email signature in Outlook?

    You can do this in four steps:

    1. Click “Settings”, “View all Outlook Settings”.
    2. Choose “Mail”, “Compose and reply”.
    3. You will see the “Email signature” option where you can type all the needed information and do formatting.
    4. When you’ve finished editing press “Save”.

    How to change email signatures in Outlook?

    Here is the step-by-step instruction:

    • Click “File”, “Options”, “Mail”, “Signatures”.
    • Select the email signature you need to edit.
    • The window for editing will open, and you will be able to add all the changes you want there.
    • When you’ve put all the modifications you wanted click “OK”.

    How to insert a vertical line in an email signature?

    The answers to the question of how to create a vertical line in an email signature are very simple. Just type this symbol at the place you need. You can do this by pressing “Shift” plus the “|\” button which is placed above “Enter”. This is how to add a vertical line in the email signature.

    In our list of software there are also extractor for phone numbers for collecting phone numbers, whois email lookup to find information about the owner of the email and an email email verification tool for checking the email address, to do it online use verify email online.

    FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

    How do I set up an email signature in Gmail?

    Open Gmail and click on the gear icon in the top-right corner.
    Select "See all settings."
    Scroll down to the "Signature" section, where you can create and customize your signature.
    Once you've created your signature, don't forget to scroll down and click "Save Changes" at the bottom.

    Can I have different signatures for different email accounts in Gmail?

    No, Gmail allows you to have only one signature associated with your account. If you use Gmail for multiple email accounts, the same signature will apply to all of them.

    How can I add social media icons and links to my Gmail signature?

    You can manually add social media icons and links to your Gmail signature by finding and inserting the appropriate icons or images for each platform, then hyperlinking them to your profiles.

    How do I set up an email signature in Outlook?

    In Outlook, go to "File" and select "Options."
    In the Outlook Options window, choose "Mail" and then "Signatures."
    Create or edit your email signature in the Signatures and Stationery window.
    Click "OK" to save your signature.

    Can I have multiple email signatures for different email accounts in Outlook?

    Yes, Outlook allows you to create and manage multiple email signatures, and you can assign a different signature to each email account or even specific email addresses.

    What formatting options are available for Outlook email signatures?

    Outlook offers extensive formatting options, including text formatting, images, hyperlinks, tables, and even advanced features like adding business cards.

    What's the recommended size for email signatures in Gmail and Outlook?

    For both Gmail and Outlook, it's best to keep your email signature reasonably compact, typically around 4-6 lines of text. Longer signatures may appear overwhelming and less professional.

    We hope this handy little guide along with understanding the basic principles of quality email design will help you succeed.

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    Tatiana Pyrih
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