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How to Create an Email Signature That Works

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There are no other marketing channels as effective as bulk email sending. The employees, vendors, brands provide an email campaign. All of them hope that their email campaign will be successful and efficient. Unfortunately, not all expectations come true. There are many reasons why it happens, but the most common is the lack of knowledge about email signature importance.
Earlier Evgeniy Kralich wrote the article about an email signature, it`s time to refresh and add it.
Let’s start with what email signature is:

Email signature

Not all marketers pay attention to this detail that can give the customers the impression one-to-one talk. The email signature seems to be a small detail of the huge mechanism. It is unnoticeable, but without this detail, the mechanism doesn’t work correctly.
Some marketers use email signature as an online business card.

The email signature importance:

  • The opportunity to leverage an entire marketing campaign very effectively
  • The opportunity to divert the traffic
  • The opportunity to catch new clients
  • The opportunity to increase open rates

The statistic says the email signature isn’t so popular. Furthermore, even if the marketer has an email signature there is no guarantee that it is made correctly.

Email signature
As you can see only 52% of marketers have email signature and not all of them include some important information. The failure of these data can provoke the downgrade of the rating, but some users don’t know how it works and why this detail matters so much for reputation.
While I can’t guarantee the increase of followers, I can show you how to create an email signature that really works.
You shouldn’t ignore the chance to study how to make not only the first impression but also the last.

Email signature


Top tips about creating an Email Signature


1. Align the design

Email signature designBy simply aligning your graphic, type, and icons in a logical way, you can bring order and harmony to your design.
If you have your own site, will be better to create an email signature in the general site`s style.
Do you agree it is better when an overall vision is met?
If you are the one who is going to use the signature, you can create the email signature you wish with the help of our advice 😉

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2. Keep it short

Remember, brevity is the soul of wit.Email signature size

It is the situation when you should put these words into practice.

The email signature should have the next points:

  • Name
  • Contact info
  • Current position/title and the company you work for

Furthermore, it is possible to include a link to a page on your company’s site and some other information, that I`ll tell you soon.
Remember, the best email signature size is 4-6 lines.


3. Use social media icons to drive the traffic

Email signature designIf your brand is social media friendly, I have good news for you.

It is preferable to include hyperlinked social media icons.

It helps both your email recipient find new avenues of contacting and following you and to drive the traffic to your online content.



4. Adding contact information

Email signatureSome details about that were mentioned above, but let me open some secrets about it.

It is important!

Do not include all phone numbers. At most, two.
A lot of people prefer connecting via Skype. Add the link. It helps to make the reputation of an open person, who is ready to talk with clients and give answers to their questions.


5. Keep your color palette small

Email signature colors
Many people like bright images, pictures, and colors in general, but it isn’t for an email signature. By using many colors the risk of catching the colors instead of the information is increasing.
The email signature should look succinctly and simple. It is better to use a small color palette. By using a limited small palette you keep your design effective and looking good.
It is possible to use colors that connect with the brand.


6. Keep the style of your font paletteEmail signature fonts
We have told you about the color palette. But what about the font? As you can guess it is a similar situation. The usage of too many fonts can make your signature gaudy and not legible.
Find one font that has a few weight and style options and mix up it, but not use new typeface to highlight the info.

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7. Use the design hierarchy
Email signatureA correctly structured email signature is a way to present your information easier. Remember, your signature is not only the list of the information, but it’s also a part of your street cred. That’s why you should use a hierarchy to direct readers’ eyes to the information that should be reading first.
It is possible to scale name up to a larger font, therefore it attracts attention.

Then pick and choose information to bold and color based on importance so you can help guide people’s eyes logically through the design.


8. Keep your graphics elements simple

Email signature tipsAvoid clutter! The email signature should be low-key and it refers to colors, fonts, and elements. It is well-known that beauty is in the simplicity. Forget that zigzags, frames with some pictures and other difficult elements exist. Only the simple elements.

For example, you can use the brand logo. It helps readers to identify the email sender quicker. Also, it won’t be an extra thing if you add an email author headshot. By putting a face to a name is an efficient way to make an impression of more personal relationships and create a feeling of trustworthiness. Keep in mind the image should be well-lit, well-shot and professional.


9. Use space dividers

When we talk about email signature, space is a luxury. Sometimes it can be difficult to include important information having a small area.

Email signature design

The dividers give us a hand in this situation. With the help of these small elements, it becomes possible to add all important information without making the email signature ineffective.


10. Make it mobile-friendly

The last, but not the least advice.Email signature size
The number of people who open their emails via a mobile device is increasing day after day. In fact, as Campaign Monitor notes, 41% of people open their emails on a mobile device as opposed to a desktop setup.
Your task is to keep in mind the next points:

  • Scale. Ensure that all elements from your signature are well seen on smartphones.
  • Tappable links. Ensure that your links aren’t too small or positioned too close together, otherwise, a thumb may try to tap a Twitter icon, but trigger an adjacent icon and be taken to the Facebook page, for example.
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Following these pieces of advice will guarantee an effective and efficient email signature that will work as your friend in making an impression excellent.
Catch the bonus! There are the email signatures top list. I believe that these examples will inspire you to create your own signature better, unique and such effective as possible.
Enjoy it!

The best email signature examples

Email signature example


Email signature example

Email signature example


Email signature example


Email signature example

Surely, you have got unbelievable ideas on how to create an email signature.
But if you are the one who worries about putting ideas into practice, I have one more gift.

Email signature design

The best free email signature generators:

  1. ZippySig
  2. Wisestamp
  3. HubSpot
  7. MySignature
  8. Designhill
  9. HoneyBook


The email signature is one of the most overlooked aspects of email marketing but in vain. This small detail has great importance. It makes a definitive catching-eye picture. That’s why you shouldn’t ignore it.
This article has given all the information that helps to create a good email signature.
Let me remind some aspects.

Email signature tips

Start creating your own email signature. Be sure, following all foregoing guarantees success. Good luck!

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