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    How to grow sales on Black Friday

    by Наталия Шморгун

    Black Friday 2020
    On Black Friday offline stores are crowded and online are hung from the stream of people who want to save money.

    But what to expect from buyers during the quarantine period? Is it possible to get profit reached up to 20 times even in times of crisis?

    We will tell you how to build a marketing strategy and increase sales despite the COVID-19.

    The type of business’s impact on sales

    Any advertising or promotion depends on the type of business model.

    Let's look at the consumer models of a particular business.

    • B2B model. A business whose main client is another business, that is, "business to business". For example, our company provides promotion services to other businesses: online stores, restaurants, schools, or any other commercial enterprise.
    • B2C model. A business whose client is a consumer, that is, "business to consumer". For example, the company "Soled out". The main customer is the end consumer who buys products and makes a profit for the company.

    Firstly, you should determine the strategy of your promotion. The way of your realization depends on your strategy and the ending purpose.

    The objectives of a B2C promotion can be as follows:

    • Sell ​​off leftover goods;
    • Promote a new collection;
    • Attract new buyers;
    • Motivate old customers to buy again;
    • Increase the average purchase order.

    In the B2B model goals can also vary:

    • Collecting an appointment for a certain period of time in advance.

    When you have completely decided on the goals, it's time to move on to the formation of the proposal.

    How to create an offer correctly?

    First, it is worth soberly assessing all the strengths and capabilities of your business. SWOT analysis, including all strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

    You need to calculate the marginality of the product, analyze which products are useful and what, in addition to discounts, can be offered.

    For example, you must estimate the price of your goods and promotional consumption, it must not be higher than the original cost of goods. Also, you should estimate the size of the market. The B2C model is characterized by large market size and many customers. Products and services are in great demand here.

    Unlike the B2C model, B2B solves specific, individual business problems. The size and volume of the market determine the traffic that the site can receive in the future. If you sell clothes, the market size will be huge as it includes one and all. If your product is an online service for solving travel agency problems, the market size is much lower. Depending on the number of potential customers, traffic will also be subject to certain restrictions.

    The degree of competition in the market is important. If the apparel market is large, the likelihood of competition in it is extremely high and this will affect the site traffic.

    An end-consumer-oriented business often has a low average check. His client is one person and probably on a tight budget.

    Prices in the B2B segment are much higher. Here the client is a different business with a higher income than an individual. But even here there are limitations ― not every company is ready to spend money on a source of indirect income. If you can comprehensively solve a specific business problem and bring profit to it, they will be ready to pay you money.

    Including these characters, you can create the correct offer to thy consumer: some discounts or additional goods or services.

    Choose a way for promotion

    Choosing the right promotion method saves time and determines the outcome of an advertising campaign.

    In an age where 81 percent of American people own smartphones, using SMS to drive sales is a no-brainer.
    Consumers spend more than five hours a day on their smartphones and you should use this possibility to notify them.

    When used correctly, SMS is an invaluable tool for increasing sales and nurturing clients' relationships. Conversion from mobile messages reaches a 45% rate. This is a record high result. Especially comparing it to the other marketing channels.

    If you have an online business then your income of clients comes from the site, then you should choose email marketing.

    Pros of email marketing:

    • Allows you to describe the action with all the details.
    • You can create compelling visuals to further engage customers.
    • Low costs for sending. For example, using Atomic Mail Sender, you buy $89.90 once and then send an unlimited number of emails.

    Examples of marketing campaigns on Black Friday

    Let's see how different companies and brands promote their goods on Black Friday.

    Email campaign

    Sending connected emails increases customer returns:

    • at the beginning of Black Friday. First thought about a discount.
    • on the ending date. Reminding of ending some opportunity makes you act fast.

    Design studio “Designmodo” made a promotion campaign for Black Friday with two steps:

    The first email was sent at the beginning of the sale, so customers could start shopping right away.

    Black Friday deal

    The company proposes 60% OFF on any Apps.

    The second email was sent on the last day of sale, to motivate those who have not yet made purchases to buy, and to sell off the rest of the goods.

    Black Friday last day

    This email notifies clients about ending the sale and give the last chance to economize. 

    Pop-ups on the site

    The online shop has placed a pop-up on the site in order to gain a sufficient number of new subscribers for further mailing. The pop-up helped collect email addresses and phone numbers for future mailings.

    Pop-up Black Friday

    Pop-ups help to get contact information from the user, thus replenishing the contact base.

    In another turn, the user gets a good deal in the form of a half-price discount. The email addresses, you received from the pop-up, can be used for further promotion and keeping in touch with thy customer.

    Pop-up + email + SMS

    Online stores combine pop-up, email, and bulk SMS in one campaign. Pop-up and email bring a good result, but to further improve it, it is possible to support the action with SMS mailing.

    Connecting all channels competently and choosing the right time to send them gives an impressive effect.

    The clothing shop posted a pop-up on its own site before the Sale to intrigue the public. And it played! Users were giving their contacts ― not only name and email but even the phone number, it had an impact later on the possibility of a full advertising campaign.

    Popup black friday

    The second step was sending emails to users who left their emails to try their chance to win a discount. It meant the start of the sale.

    Black Friday emails
    And the final link was SMS distribution. As you remember, pop-up gave us the possibility to get this information. Having such a reminder your customer won't forget about wonderful deals.

    SMS Black Friday


    We all are trying the best to get on top of our dedicated industry. For reaching more we have to understand the time is limited but you can get more by investing in your own brand.

    There are steps:

    • choosing the correct way to stay close to your customers;
    • mixing advertising channels;
    • personalize advertising for each customer, knowing their "pains";
    • use a convenient platform to promote your brand.

    You can choose your own way of branding to Black Friday with AtomPark!

    Atomic Mail Sender and Bulk SMS Sender is the best pair for preparing a marketing campaign on Black Friday. 

    Test it for free and start promoting your company.

    Written by:
    Наталия Шморгун
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