5 Easy Steps to Email Campaign Segmentation

    by Paul Shuteyev
    pie-segmentationSegmentation means success in email marketing. The more relevant your content is the higher feedback you get (Open-rates, CTR). But how to determine what relevant content is? Sure it depends on the niche, but I want to provide you with the 5 easy steps to email campaign segmentation that work for each and every niche. Please enjoy! 1. Review your data. You need to be sure the data you have can help, as it's a great mistake to segment your campaign by faulty information. Be sure you have right data on gender, age, etc. These basic data is extremely important. 2. Start building your segments. Start with demographic segmentation - this will allow you to learn basics of email segmentation - segment by age, gender and location. Later add behavioral segmentation - by previous purchases, on-site activity and more. 3. Prepare relevant content. You should have a relevant content for all your segments - that's why you built them :) This means you should prepare different unique content for your segments. For example teenagers will receive news and updates different of what seniors receive. 4. Design. Along with the list and content segmentation you should prepare different styles and templates for your email campaigns. Think of colors and styles - they should be different for men, women, teens, seniors, Europeans, Americans, etc. 5. Test. No jokes, each and every optimization or segmentation campaign ends with the tests. Don't skip this step and you will see success soon!
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    Paul Shuteyev
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