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    Email Marketing Best Practices

    Top 5 Tips to Make your Email Call-2-Action Better

    Hey guys, Hope you’re doing great! As you know, call-2-action is the most precious part of email marketing campaigns. I would like to provide you with Top 5 tips on how to make your email call-2-action better. This will be about verbs, style, visual¬†appearance, customers’ attention and more. By the way, many of email marketing software allow to automate the insertion of call-2-actions and also allow to easily edit them, for example ¬†– the newest Atomic Mail Sender. Please enjoy the Top 5 tips below!   1.Verbs you’re using Keep the verbs short and easy to understand, such as read, […]

    3 Email Content Tips for Beginners and Non-Professionals

    Hi guys, Hope you’re doing great! Many of you are email marketing professionals, experts and gurus, but still some of you may just have started email marketing career. When I started this 4 years ago it was so hard to follow tons of new information, new strategies, tips, tricks and more. There is so many information on email marketing on the web and it’s really hard to find out the right one to start with. That’s why I would like to provide you with 3 email content tips that will be useful for beginners and non-professionals. Please enjoy! Write to […]

    TOP 4 Mobile Email Marketing Myths, + 4 Tricks’n’Tips Packages

    Hey Guys, Hope you’re doing great! How many of you have already started mobile email campaigns along with the ordinary email campaigns? Some of email marketers feels that it’s really enough with “just normal PCs and browsers” and some of email marketers really want to expand their market and move to the next marketing heights, for example mobile email marketing. But all of us have heard few popular myths about mobile email marketing, and these myths may sound scary or stupid – but still some marketers may hold their mobile email campaigns because of these myths. And that’s bad, we […]

    10 Must-have Elements of Perfect Welcome Emails

    Hey guys, Hope you’re doing great and feeling nice! You know how important first impression is, and first impression for all your subscribers is a welcome email – the first email they receive from you after subscribing. This is where their journey from the lead to the sale begins and your duty is to make your subscribers feel comfortable, informed and happy. This is why I would like to provide you with must-have elements of the perfect welcome email. I will try to make it short and easy to remember. Let’s start, enjoy! 1. Body and Subject line personalization – […]

    Top 5 Ways to Segment Your Email List

    Hi guys, Hope you’re doing great! We all know that only relevant emails generate leads and make sales, this is why it’s extremely important to segment your list and improve your targeting. Most of email marketers segment their lists by interests or products/services only, but that’s not the limit. Actually email list segmentation has no limits, so I will provide you with top 5, as these are the most easy-to-use ways. 1. Geographic Segmentation Works good for both local and international businesses. Different countries have different cultures and you need to know how to talk to your leads – know […]

    6 Types of Email Messages You Should Definitely Try in your Email Campaigns

    Hi friends, Hope you’re doing great! Most of you run email marketing campaigns, and as experience shows most of us use just few types of mailings, or even one – just emailing your list. But that’s a big mistake, as different types or mailings bring different results and it’s good to use them all to get the maximum of your email campaigns. Here I compiled Top 6 types of email messages you should try in your email campaigns. Please see below and enjoy! Email Newsletter – most common type of email messages as it includes large amount of content, may […]

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