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    10+4 Marketing horror-words

    Statistics is the greatest human invention and the most powerful marketing tool. During my researches I’ve found top 14 most horrible words for all customers. So if you’re professional businessman – you should check it for yourself and learn them! Let’s start, my friend! 1. Price This may be one of those “unavoidable terms” and in fact is one that seems to be expected in ecommerce sites, however, it might be worth testing different terms, or leaving it out completely (instead of saying “Price: $xxx” consider just listing the price as “$xxx”). Again, this depends on the site. 2. Cost […]

    Most popular days to send e-mails!

    Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat 1,4% 15,1% 25,4% 23,3% 18,3% 15,6% 0,9%  

    Real Software to make Real Money

    Hello, my name is Zakk. I’ve written this article as a product real user, not advertiser, so it’s without fear of favour. I’m keen on internet marketing and online business, also doing articles and reviews. Today I’d like to explain main e-marketing method to increase real customer quantity and get subscribers. It’s about EMAIL MARKETING. As we all know, electronic mail is the best internet marketing resource, so if you: 1.) Are seeking ways to promote your online business 2.) Want to increase your profits 3.) Need new customers 4.) Or just get useful bulk email software to send the […]

    Does Pope use e-mail?

    Email Pope Benedict XVI The email address of Pope Benedict XVI is is unlikely you will receive a personal response if you send an email to the pope, but the Holy See does read, collect and route all mail. The Pope possibly has another private email address inside the Vatican. Pope John Paul II, the First Pope of the Internet Age When Karol Józef Wojtyla became Pope John Paul II in 1978, email was still in its infancy. The first email had been written seven years ago, but barely a handful of people knew computer networks existed at all. […]

    8 Tips how to get someone’s e-mail

    1. Find Email Addresses in Previous Email Correspondence If you have emailed them before, you probably have their address. Go find it now. 2. Find People in Email Address Directories or White Pages From public records to to email address directories and change of address services: find people and their email addresses using dedicated search engines. 3. Find Somebody’s Email Address by Searching the Web Search somebody’s email address like you search for anything else on the Web (and successfully). 4. Search for Email Addresses in Usenet Newsgroups Find the person whose email address you are looking for in […]

    Trick: Try different places for your link in newsletters!

    The place a newsletter or email marketing campaign a link appears at can be crucial for click-through. Consequently, which link goes where can be crucial for the success (if measured in click-through rates) of any email marketing effort. That’s why you’d try some new placements, pal! Segment your list or, if you can’t segment, use consecutive issues to vary the placement of standard links. Monitor click-through rates closely to determine which link works best in a certain position, and in which position a link works best. *** By my mind, the best place for link is after the whole text, […]

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