Hacking Mobile Marketing in 2019: Infographic

    by Max Chekalov

    Infographic Mobile Marketing

    Is mobile marketing dead, or is it only getting started? If you consider that by 2016, 62.9% of people globally owned a mobile phone, this is one marketing medium that won’t die soon. In this post, we’ll look at how to hack mobile marketing in 2019.

    How Do I Hack Mobile Marketing?

    Mobile marketing is simple – there are a number of approaches that you can use. You could, for example, use mobile search campaigns. Red Roof Inn ran a campaign based on the search, “Stranded at the airport.” Its last-minute bookings increased by 60%.

    You could also:

    • Send out an SMS
    • Use Bluetooth to help with proximity marketing
    • Try app marketing
    • Use push notifications
    • Try in-game marketing
    • Use QR codes
    • Use location-based services.

    No matter what campaign you are running, it pays to remember that the message should be short, sweet, and optimized for mobile.

    How Do I Optimize My Messages for Mobile?

    That’s going to depend on the method you’re using for reaching out. An email message, for example, can be longer than an SMS, but similar rules do apply. Let’s have a look at those.

    Optimize so it Can be Easy to Read

    Whether you’re sending out an SMS or an email, you need to ensure that the message is going to display well on any device. That means optimizing it for the small size screens you’re likely to deal with.

    With SMS, you don’t get a lot of leeway in terms of font, but you do have to make sure that the message reads well. You can send out an MMS, for example, but will all those on your subscriber list have phones that can receive these?

    With email marketing, you need to make sure that the message is easy to read. To do this:

    • Use a simple, single column layout
    • Make sure that the pictures are clear and optimized for email
    • Keep the most important info “above the fold” (in the area that will show on the phone without having to scroll down), and
    • Use larger fonts and fonts that are easy to read.

    Get to the Point Quickly

    It’s always important to get to the point fast. Don’t waste your prospect’s time by sending through long and complicated messages. If you like, you can always link to more thorough information in the message. That way, they decide whether or not they want to learn more.

    In addition to getting to the point quickly, do make sure that your marketing message is relevant to the person that you sent it too. Say, for example, that you’re a pharmaceutical firm. Prenatal vitamins would not be the best match for women who regularly buy birth control.

    Do segment your list before sending your message out so that your clients only get relevant information.

    Overall, to make your mobile campaigns successful, you need two main things – make them relevant to your audience, and ensure that they suit the medium. Keep the messages short, and make sure that they are properly optimized for mobile. From there, the sky’s the limit.

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