Top 11 tips for making your email marketing more effective in 2023

    by Ira Byvalkevich


    It’s quite logical that during working out your emails, you need to set up the goals and pick the means to track your email campaign effectiveness. As this is essential part of the whole marketer's job. In this article, we’ll review 10 tips for email marketing that make newsletters more appealing and the email marketing performance – effective.


    Why email marketing is important

    Why on this earth should a business apply email newsletters in the course of their marketing activities? The main purpose is to provide those on your email list with the updates fueling your business, its products and/or services. It should not be something generally used for hard sales. Instead, your email newsletter has to feel like a regular useful update from a friendly, interesting & helpful friend, rather than some pushy salesperson, which makes a huge difference.

    Thus, using regular emails, you may:

    • remind of your brand,
    • keep in touch with the most loyal customers,
    • notify them about your new activities,
    • send promotions,
    • and what’s more important – discover all their needs.

    This helps to improve your services, stay data-driven and user-centered. You solve their problems better when you know them better and communicate regularly.

    How to know if a campaign was successful? There are about ten metrics for emails you may find in marketing, however, not all of them are of special interest, yet that depends on your marketing goals.

    All marketers should know is that the key metrics for email campaign success measurement remain open rate (OR) & click-through rate (CTR). These are the two major identifiers for email marketing progress to focus on because that’s how you define why email marketing is important.

    They are calculated according to the following formulas:

    1) Open Rate (OR)

    This metric shows the percentage of subscribers who opened an email. Discoveries may be:

    • unique – discoveries of an individual subscriber;
    • non-unique – which are all email openings.

    For marketing emails, a good open rate is 15-25%, and for triggered emails - 30-40%.


    2) Click-through rate (CTR) or Click to open rate (CTOR)

    CTR measures the percentage of subscribers who clicked on a link or other clickable elements in an email.

    Along with CTR, another key KPI that is used is CTOR. It displays the percentage of unique subscribers who followed the link. CTOR more accurately measures the level of engagement with content in a newsletter.

    The average CTR for triggered messages is 10.78%, for marketing messages - 3.48%. That’s common to aim at these indicators.image7

    So, to improve your metrics, you’d better work on your call to action (CTA). It is the primary element that stimulates subscribers to click on the links and it should be extremely functional to serve your email blasting well.

    How to do that? – Consider the following:

    • Place the call to action with a link on the button, highlight it with a contrast. To make the CTA button more visible, leave some space around it.
    • For the call, choose the verbs that promise benefits for the client: download, learn, improve, get, etc.
    • Apply the urgency effect, because the fear of missing an opportunity stimulates people to take action and follow the link.
    • Keep it short: place just two or three words on the call button

    Basically your CTA work out should be focused on boosting these CTR & Open Rate indicators that define email marketing importance, alongside coming up with a variety of other marketing activities within your strategy.


    Top effective email campaigns tips for 2023

    So, how to make effective email marketing? If you want your subscribers to look forward to receiving letters from you, opening them, reading them and following all the links, then you need some tips to consider. These may help you:

    1) Research your target

    Start out with your target audience research. Do you know exactly the people on the other side of the screen? What problems do they have, what they cannot solve, what are they trying to solve with your business help, etc. When you resonate with your audience, you will easily understand which letters to send and how to choose the right topic. Therefore, always revise your target audience prior to your email campaign launch.

    2) Create relevant content

    Relevant letters are always a rarity. Effective email marketing isn't just about sending out some materials or whatever; it's all about smart emailing and the quality performance. So, you need to always estimate which content your subscribers need. And you just provide them with all they need to get. Make sure your emails contain relevant up to date content that resonate with your audience.

    If you have multiple products, then you should create multiple mailings for each product, and not offer everything in a row to all subscribers without any obvious exceptions.

    3) Work out subject lines

    Thoughtful subject line is a must. The first element of the delivered letter is its subject, so that a user grasps an idea of what it's all about. Now, you tell the reader why they need to read your letter right away which is already a CTR matter. It’s the subject line that determines whether your message is going to be read or not. Therefore, make it an intrigue; hint that they should open your email right now aligned with the rules.

    4) Add emoji

    Experiment with emoji as new email marketing techniques. Emojis grab the subscriber's attention, highlight letters into the inbox and reveal the subject line with more expressiveness.

    Experian found that 56% of brands that used emoji in subject lines of mails increased their open rates.

    Also, feel free to use an email marketing guide if you do not understand any of the kpis principles.

    5) Include preheaders

    Don't forget about a preheader. In the preheader, add an informative message to subject line or write a call to action.

    Research by Marketing Experiments has shown that quality preheader increases open rates by 30%. Since 47% of users open mail on mobile gadgets, the preheader is a real "must have". Unlike a theme, it is fully displayed on the display of the device. So, also familiarize yourself with mobile email marketing tips.

    Thus, it is displayed in the inbox immediately after the subject line and encourages the subscriber to open the letter.

    6) Personalize letters

    Have you noticed that different mailings that you might probably ever receive all look similar? It occurs when marketers work with templates that never personalize for each project, campaign or client. Develop your own style; do not be afraid to show yourself, go on stage, your loyal people will stay with you anyways.

    7) Mind the tone

    The tone of voice is how you communicate with your readers. Try to sell less. Instead sound more useful, rather than commercialized. As per email marketing writing tips: sales should take no more than 30-40% of your emails, otherwise you will lose subscribers. They’ll get annoyed by your aggressive promotions. Let's provide more motivating, inspirational and educational material, which is good, as well as much sought-after content.

    8) Check your letters

    Before sending a letter to subscribers, check it and send it to your email. This way you will avoid many mistakes that could have been made during the formatting of the letter and achieve successful email marketing results.

    9) Make it regular

    If you don’t send letters on a regular basis, your clients will soon forget about you and simply stop opening new letters. You will also receive a lot of unsubscriptions when you decide to send another letter once a month. Maintain constant contact with your audience. Make it regular and create a plan of monthly send outs to follow.

    10) Analyze results

    Do not forget to look at the numbers during the process of email marketing: which emails were delivered, opened or clicked through more often, whether people followed the links, etc. This will help you understand which topics resonated more with your audience. To improve your metrics, work on your call to action. It is the basic element that stimulates subscribers to click on the links and turn leads into conversions.

    11) Automate contact transfer

    When talking about the effectiveness of email marketing, it is also necessary to mention automation. Getting rid of routine, repetitive tasks not only frees up time for solving more important issues but also increases the efficiency of mailings. Integrations allow combining email services with other tools, providing automatic data transfer. As a result, adding contacts, updating mailing lists, and other operations can be carried out automatically. Currently, anyone can implement automation and set up integrations thanks to the built-in integrations in the personal cabinet of the service you use, via API or Webhook. If at the moment there is no ready-made integration and you are not able to develop it yourself, you can use code-free services such as online connectors like ApiX-Drive, Zapier or SaveMyLeads.


    How to make effective mailing with Atomic Mail Sender

    This program has a friendly and intuitive interface. It is also configured in just a few seconds. These make it a good choice for beginning email marketers. Due to a built-in SMTP server, it also supports an unlimited number of additional messaging servers which increases your power using email marketing effectively.


    Similar programs are a good choice for bulk emailing which is a very popular and effective method for attracting leads. How to start?

    To begin with, by the time you need to launch your campaign, you already have a list of email addresses compiled of the companies that are of interest to you as your target.

    Further, after harvesting email address, the list of contacts is uploaded to the program directly from the Excel file. In addition to the email itself, your file may contain website addresses, contact names and other personal information. So, you open it and it is displayed on the list of Atomic Mail Sender recipients accordingly:


    You start your mass mailing as per your recipients list by pressing a single button - Send mail.

    You may also create, pick readily designed templates & save up to 3 letter templates. For each you may apply a personalization feature, thereby substituting the required site addresses from the contact table in the right place by means of variables, etc.


    Atomic Email Sender template version

    Also, it's highly recommended to include a UTM markup to your email links which will further help you analyze the progress of your campaign and track it on the chosen system (Google Analytics or similar). The system offers GA integration too:image5

    This way, Atomic Mail Sender is a very convenient tool for sending mass emails, which allows you to keep in touch with your audience, attract new customers, solve their problems, offer them your solutions and measure the effectiveness of the email campaign itself.



    How to do effective email marketing? - Go ahead with our tips to create incredible email marketing campaigns in no time & add to your best email practices, using mailing services you like. Key metrics will help you gauge the overall success of your email campaign and make the necessary adjustments to your strategy. Make your email newsletter even more effective with emails verification, and you will get a better response from your audience, therefore your emails will be opened and read.

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