What do your subscribers want from your mailings?

    by Ira Byvalkevich
    What do your subscribers want from your mailings?

    According to the good marketing email gurus, the normal open rate for email newsletters is from 15 to 25%, depending on the topic and the audience. In this article, we will consider 7 ways to increase it and improve your email marketing ROI.

    Seven easy ways for good marketing email

    Annually an average percent of active contacts may turn into "sleepers" who do not respond to letters. This may be due to the fact that the subscriber no longer uses the specified email, or your emails simply are no longer interesting to them. These inactive subscribers reduce the Open Rate of mailings, so they may be reactivated with your new email campaigns. What makes effective marketing campaigns, and what are the things to improve here?

    Clean up your base

    There may be dead weight in your subscriber base: abandoned, fake addresses, etc. This stuff negatively affects all indicators. Check them out with emails verification and leave those who are perfect for targeting. Only reliable addresses should remain in the database. That's when the open rate will grow.

    Most email platforms have the ability to clean up the subscriber base. Pay special attention to the fact that the recipient should still have an opportunity to unsubscribe.

    To increase the open rate, clean the subscriber base and give the opportunity to unsubscribe in your letters appropriately.

    Do not try to sell the newsletter at any cost. If a person wants to unsubscribe, let it be, it’s clearly not your target audience any longer. It is extremely important that you should stay a good friend to your target. Try to communicate in your emails as if you’re out there to assist your customers with any problem they get on any concern you’re specializing in.

    Segment your lists

    Do not forget to segment your contacts as per set criteria. Your email marketing strategy should have a clear goal and vision of what's the target. So, it will be easy for you to create segments of users accordingly and send them personalized letters with the best possible data and be useful to them as hell.

    This is the right way to please your subscribers and how to increase open rate of email marketing, as well as improve your click-throughs. If you succeed, you understand what your subscribers want from your emails the most.

    According to Lyris 39% of marketers who segment their newsletter lists may experience higher OR, while 28% of them may experience lower unsubscribe rates, and 24% — better deliverability and, as a result — greater revenue:


    Personalize your letters

    Who is the letter from? Send the newsletter not on behalf of a company or organization, but from a specific person. Very large brands or multinational corporations prefer, of course, to send mailings on behalf of the entire corporation. But they also have a larger target audience, and the reach is completely different. Besides, it’s a brand reach which is the best way to do email marketing for the business corporate sector.

    For example, it makes no sense for an online store like Amazon to send letters on behalf of a specific employee — after all, the audience reacts to the brand name itself. That’s a good point to include a company name.

    But if your audience is not so numerous, and you want to establish close contact with each of your clients, it would be appropriate to conduct a dialogue on equal between two real people, not a brand:


    A nicely personalized letter from a representative of familiar brand

    Come up with a strong heading & the subject line

    The text that appears in the Subject field follows the same rules as the headline of a powerful sales text. It should attract attention, interest, or intrigue the users from the start. If it fails to work — the mailing will go to the trash bin.

    However, it may go there for numerous reasons. Still, it is recommended to write your lines to trigger a natural thirst for benefits. Or you may provide extremely useful and expected information to the target audience, prove it with figures, statistics or start a story. Add a free offer to increase the open rate.

    How to run a successful campaign with a good headline:

    • No cheating. The subject should be directly related to the content of the letter. Otherwise, you will achieve nothing but irritation;

    • No caps. Good manners: uppercase and lowercase letters in appropriate places;

    • Use numbers: they work great. Numbers in headlines and topics increase user engagement;

    • Do not use words that are often found in spam mailings and are filtered by email services. For example: help, interest, reminder, bonus, sale, promotion, great offer, and the like;

    • The length of the text is no more than 50 characters. This is a loose rule, just remember that some mailers cut long headers. You don't want to lose some of the words and meaning, do you?

    • Important words are put at the beginning. Especially if the subject line is relatively long;

    • Tell stories. Arouse curiosity and emotion. Compare: "Our latest catalog" or "Have you missed our latest news?"

    Test your emails

    Have a great subject heading? Excellent! How does a professional email look like? Now think of a couple of extra lines for A/B tests. And test which one turns out to be the most productive to prove what’s the best email with a professional engaging line.

    Also, you may test your theme on a small group of random users before starting bulk mailing. As an example of using a preliminary A / B test, you may manage to choose the most successful title and increase the open rate by almost 70% or even more. So, do not neglect this opportunity.

    Reactivate inactive subscribers

    Identify inactive subscribers. Analyze email openings in the past three to six months. If subscribers do open the mailing list or do so very rarely, move them to the sleeping list.

    Choose a reactivation strategy. The goal of this step is to determine how to get your newsletter back on track. The subscriber can be offered participation in a contest with a valuable prize, a survey, an exclusive discount or a free version of the product. Switch on your imagination.

    Create an engaging reactivation letter. Make your email visible — write engaging topics and create content that is valuable to your subscriber. Offer gifts and extra discounts for a limited period of time to create a sense of urgency. Emphasize the importance of each subscriber, tell them that you miss them. Basically, vary your email marketing methods.

    Vary mailing time

    To test the days of the week and mailing times is the last but not the least you may organize to see how to make email marketing more effective.

    The hardest email marketing question is: When to send emails? Mailing time tests to increase the open rate is something you should do.

    Here are the results of the Mailchimp study on the influence of the time of day on the open rate:


    Mailchimp assumes that it all depends on the scope of the company. Most often, mailings are read between 2 pm and 5 pm. During the working week, especially on Tuesday and Thursday, there are more openings.

    So, you may experiment over a long period (up to several months). Only in this way will you discover your ideal formula.

    More email marketing methods to consider

    Opening sentence is often what makes a good email marketing campaign. Pay attention to wordings you use in your primary letter paragraphs.

    It’s not recommended starting your letters from technical details or aggressive sales promotions. Don't use the first sentence like “Click here if the email doesn't open correctly”. Such a beginning sets users up negatively — maybe you shouldn't read further because it starts from a problem. Your task here is to arouse curiosity; intrigue, promise benefits, and become a reliable assistant to solving your customers’ problems, etc.

    A good option will be:

    • Playing on the user's curiosity to increase the open rate;

    • Sending letters from a specific brand to increase the open rate;

    • Using best practices of communication with a client;

    • Using professional mailing measuring tools;

    • Using the email authentication procedures.

    Emails are easy to forge. On the Internet, it is generally easy to impersonate someone else, and even sending a letter on behalf of someone else is easier than ever. This is how scammers work. Send mailings with trusted email providers and platforms that may help to verify the sender.

    Use professional email list manager or similar tools to ensure your email marketing quality. It is one of the leading email marketing products alongside other programs for bulk email newsletters, email address search, check and manage mailing lists.

    In fact, bulk email service may turn out to be an ideal solution for those looking for a simple all-in-one tool for putting mail lists in order & sending emails to real customers.

    High-quality functionality for creating professional personalized email campaigns will delight both experienced users and beginners with its convenience and ease of use.

    It may turn out to be the best solution to solving the issues of choosing a program for creating and sending email campaigns at the same time. The tool is most successfully used to send letters of various types:

    • advertising / promotional mailings,

    • service / trigger notifications,

    • information digests,

    • news email campaigns.

    Also, in order to avoid problems, everyone is urged to use only proven methods of email promotion. Of course, there are numerous programs for spam. Nevertheless, bestselling services always allow you to check out our anti-spam policy and align your work accordingly.


    Or repair your emails & clean up lists like that

    Private providers have their own methods of verifying the sender to protect the users. Most email platforms like that also have the ability to clean up the subscriber base.

    If you organize an automated sending by email, it will take a few minutes to organize email distribution in the program like this. In the case you need an email opening tracking tool, quality email checker or sender; you may also resort to Atomic Software products line.

    And detailed statistics on email openings and click-throughs, etc. will finally convince you of the effectiveness of your email marketing strategies. Or not. At least, you will know what to improve. Mailing services help to:

    • organize an email newsletter;

    • create your own templates;

    • plan an email campaign;

    • find out the reasons for unsubscribing.

    After you analyze your campaigns you will more likely be able to acquire new knowledge on your strategies. You will know how:

    • send letters quickly;

    • deliver letters to the "inbox";

    • track results;

    • block unsubscribed, etc.

    Pay special attention to the fact that many of them provide personalization options and provide an opportunity to unsubscribe, powerful CTA buttons, social network integrations and so much more.

    Since only reliable addresses should remain in the database, you may try professional mailing platforms to boost your open rate growth either on a permanent or temporary basis.

    So, maintain your contact with the target audience by using email messages & ensure a high return. You may also find more information on how to get the most out of your mailings in the Email marketing section.


    Now that you are aware of how to write effective email marketing content with at least our seven ways to increase it and improve your email marketing ROI, your readers will get maximum usage of your newsletters, and you – great marketing input.

    Do not forget to use professional mailing services that may provide with the high speed of sending, convenient control panel, confidentiality of information, antispam policy. They are more likely to give you a chance to come up with an individual approach while sending messages, superb technical support and availability of free templates, etc.

    We wish you only high conversions!

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