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Mobile coupon. Old marketing method to increase ROI today

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Mobile coupon
Gossips are saying that bulk SMS has lived its 132 years and died. But the practice shows that this dead marketing channel is alive and works for the benefit of the business. There are so many text message types you can use to promote a brand. But SMS coupon is one of the eldest and effective, especially on holidays.
On the eve of the spooky holiday, it could be profitable to resurrect the old marketing instrument. Activate users and involve new clients by creating a text coupon program.
Read the article and know how to boost holiday marketing with the help of a text coupon.

The place of text coupon in SMS marketing

Coupons via text are messages which are sent to the customers to propose them a code for discount. Therefore you promote your product.

A mobile coupon is the digital version of a paper one. Thankfully, in 21 century there is no need in waiting for the postman and searching for scissors to find or get discounts.
They help customers save money and shops to involve them.

SMS coupon

Why text coupons still work

Mobile coupon

The statistics prove that it makes sense to use text coupons.

SMS text coupons advantages for business

There are some reasons why brands use coupons:

  • to get feedback for developing a marketing strategy,
  • to motivate customers to buy products again and again,
  • to involve new clients,
  • to promote novelty,
  • to test the new products,
  • to increase the customer’s loyalty and hold them.

The loyalty program means a lot for the brand, and it will be stupid to miss this opportunity.

Type of coupons via text

  • The free thing when buying other product 

“Gift for you!” is a moving force for sales. Many shops give a present when customers make a purchase. In this case, they should be careful with calculations. For example, if you sell books, the present can be a calendar or set of bookmarks. For shops with high-quality products, the gift valuated $50 on purchases over $200 is available. The major marketers fail is in giving a low-quality free product. The present must be worth to buy. It makes the deal more profitable. To start this sale, you can send bulk texting campaign like:

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Mobile coupon

  • A percentage discount 

You give customers a per cent from purchase. It can be 30% OFF on all spectrum of goods or some categories. The per cent depends on goals and profit. Make up your mind how much money you can “give” the clients without selling at a loss. This type of coupon helps a business if clients see a real benefit. The discount of 5 or 10% isn’t so attractive. Optimal, it is 30%, but in some situations, it is possible to get 50% OFF. For example, when you are preparing for the new season, you can sell the old collection at half price.

Text message coupons

  • Dollar Off a purchase 

Similar to the previous point, but the customer gets a discount on monetary value. For example, when a person buys products, he/she receives a cashback. You can set limits, purchasing at $50 the refund will be $15, $100 – $30. This type is right for business because people will want to get more discounts and start to buy a lot. Finally, the company wins in two ways: trust level to the brand will increase, the profit won’t disappoint.

Без названия 3

  • BOGO (buy-one-get-one)

One more motivating coupon is BOGO (buy-one-get-one). There are two variants of this coupon:

  • buy one product get other for $1 
  • buy one get other with a percentage off (at least 30%)

This coupon is effective because you make buy more. The clients get a discount if they buy at least two products.

Coupons by text message

All these types will be effective if you create the right conditions and component bulk SMS campaign.

How to create a mobile coupon that sells

The coupon is similar to Phoenix, rising from its ashes. Despite its age text coupons still work. Here are three steps for you to create the correct SMS campaign using coupons tactic.

  • Figure out the idea

The first step is to recognize what goal you have. Is it a season sale or a new product release? What do you want more:

      • to activate clients
      • to involve a certain number of customers
      • to earn a certain amount of money.

You should define the offer and choose one type of coupon. After these steps, you can start the campaign.

  • Fantastic Four of creating text of a mobile coupon
      • Clarity
        In the globalization era, people are busy and don’t want to read big and complicated texts. That’s why the proposition should be easy to understand. Use simple sentences and clear the English language to set out the terms, condition of the proposition.
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For example, a consumer has got a promo code with $10 OFF the amount of the purchase in SMS. This promo code is available for two weeks and purchasing at least $50. All these conditions should be included in a small message.  

It can look like this SMS:

SMS couponsText coupons

Following the link, you will see this page of the store. 

      • Prominent
        The first thing that customers should see when they open SMS with the coupon is the amount of the discount. Make a focus on the number. It is possible to place it at the beginning.

Mobile coupon text code

Mobile coupon

The store BuyBuyBaby focuses on the discount by placing it in the first place after the shop’s name. 

      • Add multimedia
        This technology gets the opportunity to add images, videos, and other media elements. It makes SMS brighter and more exciting. Images influence better perception and increase the chance that customers use the coupon while making a purchase.

SMS coupon

Avenue sends an image at first and gives the amount of the discount in the MMS, then tells details. 

      • Memorable
        The coupon text code should be easy to remember.

Mobile couponSuch a coupon is difficult, and in case of deleting the message, the customer lost it.
Imagine, the clients get SMS with promo code, and they should enter it on the website to get a discount. But they delete the SMS by accident. They are angry, because of losing the good proposition. If the promo code was a relevant word, the customers could have used it by memory.

Mobile couponSuch a coupon is easy to remember and is relevant to the shop’s products.

Technical realization

After recognizing the idea, making the proposition, you should realize its technical part.

There are so many services for creating text coupons, the working principles of which are similar. For example:

      • Atomic SMS Sender
      • Twilio
      • ExTexting
      • CallLoop
      • Coupontools
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How to create a mobile coupon in Atomic SMS Sender

Atomic SMS Sender is easy to use. To send the mobile coupon you should follow the next points:

  1. Register in Member Area and create an account there.
  2. If you want subscribers to see the name of your brand or store, you should register Sender ID in Member Area.
  3. Insert your contact list in the Member Area.
  4. Create a text message with a promo code.
  5. Send messages.

After the campaign, we advise analyzing the result to improve the next one.


Having analyzed the most popular services, we’ve seen that the average price was $62 per month when you chose the cheapest tariff. The price of bulk text messaging in Atomic SMS Sender depends on the number of messages. If you chose the direct channel, the price will be $0.031 per SMS.

SMS text coupons campaign on holiday sale. Example

Before holidays exited customers start the hunt for a special gift. The shops wouldn’t mind being a pray and capitalize on emotional purchases.

For example, Halloween is coming and to start the bulk text messaging campaign with a coupon is the best way to increase profit and customer loyalty.

A suitable coupon type for Halloween is sending a discount promo code. In this case, it is important to remember all aforesaid pieces of advice.

Having chosen the service, generate the code that includes words relevant to the holiday.

Catch inspiring examples to holiday text coupon campaign!

Text coupon

Coupons by text message

Coupons via text

Draw inspiration from our examples and make your own successful text coupon campaign! Our advice help do it at best!

We are sure that you already have got amazing ideas for text coupons. Use them and enjoy the high level of customer loyalty! Have a good bulk SMS campaign!

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Written by: Irina Podorvan