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SMS Market Statistics 2009 – Know your customer!

SMS marketing statistics 2009* In 2009, U.S. cell phone subscribers sent and received on average 390 text messages per month, compared to making 230 voice calls a month, according to the Mobile Business Statistics.
* Between the ages of 12 – 45 will send 60% more text messages than make voice calls.
* Currently 1/3 of the world has mobile internet access, which is twice as many as the number of internet-connected PCs.
* 60% of the world’s population is expected to have access to the Internet through a mobile device in 1 year!
* Mobile web technologies allow us to provide location-specific resources to users.
* Development of mobile websites and mobile applications is very different from their desktop counterparts, and requires specialized knowledge of the platform.
* Two thirds of mobile phone users are subscribers of SMS text messaging.” What does that translate to? Approximately 2.1 billion people are actively text messaging today (according to mobile statistics 2009)
* There are two times as many active sms users as are active users of email
* In the U.S. alone, over 450 billion sms text messages were sent in 2009
* On Average text messages are read within 4 minutes compared to 48 hours with email.
* While 65% of e-mail is spam, less than 10% of SMS is spam
* 62% say they use text messaging to communicate with friends
* 55% say they use it to communicate with their clients, customers and partners

SMS Market Statistics 2009 – Know your customer!
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Responses (9) on "SMS Market Statistics 2009 – Know your customer!"

  1. SMS marketing is quite a modern business, but it’s still the most growing part of direct advertising biz. Nice stats, thanks.

  2. nice stats, really. It’s always good to know your customer

  3. The market of SMS traffic reselling is huge and modern. Stats are pretty awesome also. I should put some time in SMS market research, looks interesting

  4. Nice stats, i really like statistics on any topics… SMS market is growing, It will become most profitable in 2 years, i guess.

  5. The article says: “Currently 1/3 of the world has mobile Internet access — which is twice as many as the number of Internet-connected PCs.” Seriously? I wonder where that statistic comes from. Currently 1/3 of the world (or more!) lives on less than $1 per day. I doubt they are spending that on mobile phones with INternet access. This is bogus! Fact checker, please do your job!

  6. 2 Teddy:

    That’s calculated by the quantity of mobile phones – some people have more than one or two. Facts are facts. Anyway, your opinion looks interesting to me. I’d be glad to discuss this topic with you.



  7. today is more usefull source for marketing
    I like your information

  8. SMS Marketing is the easiest and cheapest Marketing Tool. Also very useful for the business owner. This tool is increasing a lot.

  9. Just have re-posted your SMS market statistics 2009