7 Ways to Find Leads That You Are Ashamed Not to Know

    by Ira Byvalkevich

    7 ways to find leads

    Lead generation is an integral element of your lead management, a marketing tactic aimed at finding potential customers with specific contact information. Actively used in the consumer sector, and focused on strict target groups, it’s an effective tool for potential customer search.

    Attracting new customers via the Internet, including targeted Internet marketing, as well as advertising in search engines (Google, Yandex, etc.) or social networks, won’t be possible without effective ways you might yet not know. So, here are the top 7 ways how you may find leads and succeed with your marketing campaigns. Read the article and build your email base using these proven methods.

    Top ways you may find leads for your mailing base

    Now let's take a look at the 7 chosen most common ways to find leads that will be great to consider applying to experience successful email marketing.

    1) Use the effective subscription form 

    A subscription form on your site is the first way to generate leads. 

    sold outA beautiful and well-adjusted subscription form is a must

    A Pro Tip: Automate collection of email addresses: create a convenient subscription form with great UX.

    A beautiful and noticeable form of signing up for the site will increase the chances of getting additional contacts.

    To design adaptive subscription forms to gather contacts, mind the following:

    • Location

    Traditionally, the subscription form is placed in the fields located in the upper left or right column.

    • Content

    Typically, the designed subscription form contents include the following parts: Title, Text, Images, Data entry fields.

    • CTA button.

    We recommend limiting the Email field. The easier and faster the form is filled out, the higher the conversion is. CTA should be short & sharp.

    leadgen subscription

    Here, it is better to choose something more traditional: “Join us” or simply “Join” like here:

    join our newsletetr

    A traditional ‘Join’ CTA button is always a better UX form element choice

    Also, show such forms on the right pages. Create a form specifically for the selected page. For example, place it in the product catalog and offer a discount in exchange for email:

    Checkout-boostA great check-out boost subscription form sample

    Here, a discount coupon code is provided to subscribers in turn for their subscription.

    Collecting a subscriber base starts with a signup form and is one of the best solutions for starting a new email campaign. To display the form on the landing page, specify its link in the settings.

    2)  Create a website landing page

    The purpose of such a landing page is to subscribe to the newsletter and nothing more. Therefore, you may avoid distractions and unnecessary details when creating it unlike other purpose landings used in web marketing. Instead, immediately describe the benefits the customer will receive from your newsletter.

    A Pro Tip: You may create your landing page high-converting by adjusting it to a world in which consumers' first interact with it & collect a database of email addresses even more effectively. For example, use video to increase visitor engagement and drive conversions:


    Thus, you may offer some non-standard landing solutions that will attract viewers and get them interested more to elicit action. Meanwhile, you will hunt their email addresses absolutely unobtrusively.

    3) Trace calls from your website

    That’s right; they may also be tracked and measured, integrated with Google Analytics and so on. You’re surely often receiving calls from your site from people interested in your products and services. 


    A call tracking processing via Bitrix24 Contact Center

    A Pro Tip: Record contacts and post leads with a short description: what the potential client was interested in, and the contact details. This way you will gather a contact database and apply it in your next campaigns easier.

    4) Organize offline activities

    It may sound strange, but offline activities are a non-standard way to find leads in the Internet era. You may always do some sales at workshops or networking hubs in real. Offer your partners and customers some bonuses, discount cards or set up lotteries. Organize events. The sky’s the limit to your fantasy!

    A Pro Tip: Offer an exclusive thank you for a new contact.

    This could be a lead magnet, such as a video course, a checklist, some printed materials or another gift that users won't find anywhere else. 

    Another option is a cash reward. Decide what you are ready to offer for free in exchange for updating the database and enjoy the fruits of your offline activities.

    5) Expose social networks

    Surely your company is represented on social networks, and it's a sin not to look for new email subscribers among the existing followers. Add CTAs to your social media profiles:

    how-to-get-more-leads-on-social-media-7-1-310x551Instagram social media profile with CTAs added

    A Pro Tip: Engage your SMM specialist to offer your audience an email subscription using the appropriate CTAs and other page elements.

    Create groups and social media accounts to advertise any goods and services. Put requests of potential customers and their contact details on our database, indicating the address of the group as a source of obtaining a potential lead from future interactions.

    6) Reinvent Email contacts

    You may also send offers for any type of contact information. Advertise any goods or services by collecting requests from potential customers, who once responded to your mailing. Take them into your list to keep for good.

    A Pro Tip: Instead of wasting your budget on someone else's mailing lists, if you haven’t one, create your own easily.  Do it by using special software such as Atomic Email Studio, for example. 

    Atomic Email Studio is the all-in-one email marketing software platform. It includes 6 modules for convenient and quick work with your email campaigns:

    You may search for new contacts within your target audience & send customized emails via Atomic Mail Sender. It automatically maintains and segments customer databases, creates corporate-quality email templates and email newsletters. It also monitors subscriber & buyer activity and so much more to save you both time and money.

    7) Try web scraping

    Another way to search for leads you might not know about. Rather a professional method applies using web scraping (parsing) instruments. 

    Web scraping tools are designed to extract, collect any public information from websites. Nowadays, Website scraping is a new method of data entry that does not require re-entry or copy-pasting. These resources are useful when you are limited in time & budget for the search of emails. Quickly receive and store any data from the Internet with the help of a professional tool in a more structured form.

    So, with this kind of software, you may search for information under the control of the user or automatically, selecting new or updated data and storing it in such a way that the user has quick access to it. Magic!

    A Pro Tip: Apply professional parsing tools like Atomic Email Hunter for a variety of marketing purposes and in different scenarios.

    How does Atomic Email Hunter work? Simply put, Atomic Email Hunter is designed to harvest email addresses from websites. 

    It helps to collect quality contacts and personalize your mailing lists. This way it creates highly targeted contact lists for your campaigns. It searches for sites that match specified keywords and extracts email addresses from these websites.

    What’s more, it allows Facebook integration. So, apply the Facebook plugin to collect the contact information of your target audience if you prefer to search for leads via your existing social media customer base.

    Typical mistakes to avoid

    Using all methods of collecting the base at the same time is not a good idea.

    • Do not press on a potential subscriber with repeated pop-ups and intrusive requests to subscribe via either of chosen channels. 
    • Choose one method or combine several that you like at a time and apply them to your marketing campaign. 
    • Measure results and make notes on which of the ways are the most effective while combined.


    Here you are. We have briefly analyzed the main ways of gaining leads & increasing the base and hope that they will help marketers to answer a universal question “How to find more leads and increase the subscription to the mailing list?” to the utmost. Test the methods you like and share the results in the comments below!

    Do not forget to use Atomic Email Hunter to increase your chances for success in your next marketing campaign!

    Written by:
    Ira Byvalkevich
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