Email Marketing Statistics and Measuring Tools

    by Ira Byvalkevich


    If you feel you need some more insights on the most important email analytics & metric to improve your marketing ROI, you are in the right place. In this article, we will form a list of KPIs that help you to always evaluate the work of your mailings.


    Revising email marketing KPI

    Many companies neglect email marketing and related ways to attract and retain visitors because they do not know how to pick effectiveness measurement & evaluate email campaign success.


    So, let’s look through some key metrics for email effectiveness gathered in a single incredible email marketing infographics:

    Email marketing stats

    10 essential KPIs for fruitful email marketing are as follows:

    1: Delivery Rate

    The first and perhaps the most important KPI in mailings is the percentage of delivered letters.

    Delivery Rate is a relative indicator that is determined by the ratio of delivered e-mails to their total number.

    Thus, you may find out how many emails were successfully received by means of calculating the difference between the sent email number & the number of error notifications. This means, that a 100% deliverability rate is actually impossible, and that’s quite common.


    Besides, do not forget that your letter may end up in the spam folder and, at the same time, it will be considered delivered.

    2: Open Rate

    Simply making it into the inbox isn’t enough. It’s not about the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.


    The next equally important indicator is the percentage of open letters or Open Rate.

    Open Rate is calculated as the ratio of open letters to the difference between the number of messages sent and refusals or bounces.

    Despite the fact that the percentage of open mails is quite a simple and logical indicator, there are many nuances to deal with. After all, an open letter is not always a read one, right? 3: Click-Through Rate

    It is one of the email marketing KPIs to measure how effective CTAs with clickable links are in your emails. The result is considered positive when the recipient follows at least one link provided.


    It indicates how many people clicked on a link in your email & is calculated using the ratio of the number of clicks on emails to the difference between your sent emails and the bounce number.

    With its help, you may understand which material is the most interesting for readers. Therefore, it is not surprising that this indicator may be increased by analyzing the most clickable links and placing them in the body of the mail.


    You also need to make sure that the link has the correct call-to-action and is visible to users from any type of device.

    4: Click-to-Open Rate

    CTO is the number of opens as compared to the number of click-throughs. Some marketers calculate them, some – don’t. It’s up to you to choose, depending on your marketing goals. However, it may provide you the fullest picture when all the rest seems to be just fine.

    5: Unsubscribe Rate

    To understand if your mailing list has real benefits and interest for subscribers, you need to pay attention to the number of users who have unsubscribed.


    Of course, it is not possible to achieve zero unsubscribe rates, but you can minimize it. Depending on your industry sector, the optimal value may vary, but the Unsubscribe Rate at 0.2% is considered to be quite normal.


    The indicator is not always objective, because users may simply ignore your e-mail campaigns and not open letters at all


    However, there’s also much you can learn from it. For example, this rate may hint people didn’t report your email as spam. They just weren’t interested in your mailings anymore, for example.

    6: Bounce rate (hard & soft)

    You may distinguish between a hard and a soft bounce rate? Where hard is permanent and soft is temporary.

    Bounces that are called hard are normally caused by some invalid email addresses. This may happen when someone, for example, leaves a job and deletes an email address, or spells it incorrectly, etc.

    As a rule, when hard bounces are detected, you need to remove invalid addresses from the mailing list asap. Be sure, those addresses will never work again.


    On the other hand, when we talk about the temporary bounces, they are more likely to be caused by certain issues on the receiving end and you have nothing to do with that. How you track that? Apply email response time tracker or use our email tracker.

    7: Spam complaints

    You may find out the number of complaints by counting the number of subscribers who marked your mailing as spam.

    The fact is that Complaint Rate is a very serious rate. Mind that there are complaints even of high-quality addressee databases.


    Indeed, it is impossible to completely avoid complaints about mails. However, you may try to lower them to a minimum. Regardless of what stage the campaign is on, the overall Complaint Rate should not be more than 0.1%. If the level is higher, it is more likely to negatively affect your reputation.


    Also, watch it if you make any changes in your campaign elements.

    8: Forwards

    If subscribers love your content and find it interesting, useful, or funny, they will certainly be eager to share it. Readers can send your letters to their friends, or share content on social networks.


    It is with the help of the Forward Rate metrics for email marketing that you may find out about this. It is calculated as the ratio of the number of redirects to the total number of sent e-mails.

    Compared to the previous metrics, the redirect percentage is considered to be less important. However, with its help, you may generate a database of new contacts that are interested in your content and add to the overall marketing picture.

    9: Conversions

    The email metrics which are considered to be the most important for email marketers are conversions.

    It depends on your email campaign goals & many other factors involved. These key email metrics – a conversion might correlate to a sale, registration on the website, a subscription to the newsletter, demo order, a sales team quote, white paper download, or anything else.

    10: ROI

    Finally, since income from e-mail newsletters is formed depending on the nature and scope of your business, this may be an increase in sales, service order, etc., conversion rate also helps to calculate return on investment (ROI) from your email campaigns.


    As for the costs of mailings, they are formed at the expense of the costs of using e-mail mailing services, as well as the remuneration for the work of the marketer, designer, layout designer and other specialists who were involved in the campaign.


    The ROI will be calculated as the ratio of the difference in revenues and costs from campaigns to the number of costs for a given email campaign.


    Top tools for email marketing analysis

    For a professional email lists management, as well as to better understand which channel has generated income, including email, you should use special services (Google Analytics, for example).


    It is common that not all email marketing campaigns are aimed to generate sales =conversions. Though, the company ROI is all about it. Other goals might center on re-marketing, increasing brand awareness, growing another email list, or just collecting more data about subscribers, and so on.


    Now there are a lot of email marketing analytics tools that allow effective mailing to subscribers & integration with the web & search engine analytics. Therefore, below we will consider the most popular of them:

    Google Analytics

    Nowadays, Google Analytics systems installed on your business website are a necessary element in building a successful business. With this service, you may run & track several types of campaigns from your website and gather reports to increase many KPIs, including email conversion rate.


    All marketing in this world is worthless if you don't know how successful it is. This important information is collected by this data analyst #1 in the world: it tracks your digital marketing efforts and their economic impact.


    Its toolkit includes many solutions which may help you to deeply study advertising campaigns on the Internet. This service allows you to modify the site based on the data from users, increase its conversion and sales in no time and so much more.


    An all-in-one solution for most part of digital advertising work, except social media. It's a must-have for every business owner for fruitful digital marketing.


    Atomic Email Tracker

    Atomic Email Tracker is an online service for monitoring the effectiveness of email campaigns created by AtomPark Software.


    It is a high-quality solution that has a profitable and effective toolkit to track your campaigns. You may send your email campaigns via Atomic Mail Sender and see for yourself how easy and safe it may be to track the progress or gather any other data needed for your future email campaigns.


    This convenient service that does not require any extra technical knowledge or coding skill allows you to just register, and use it to find out who opens, reads your newsletters and more.


    With Atomic Email Tracker you can track:

    • Total subscribers and percentage of those who read the newsletter,
    • Subscribers by country,
    • Response dynamics,
    • The effectiveness of various campaigns, etc.

    The analysis allows you to effectively communicate with customers, business partners and potential buyers. It is a reliable and convenient email newsletter tracker that allows you to stay data-driven while engaged in messaging an unlimited number of messages to any number of recipients.


    Atomic products also may offer you a set of programs for creating and sending an email marketing project. This may offer you extracting email, verification of addresses and personalization of letters options and so much more.


    The main features of the complex include: search for email addresses on the Internet, in local files and databases; checking the validity of addresses; segmentation of mailing lists; creating an email message, sending it to the subscriber base & reporting.


    Campaign Monitor


    That’s how it looks like


    This is a popular mailing service that helps to email track open.


    The service has a very simple and intuitive interface. You don't even need html knowledge to work in it.


    There are approximately 70 templates at your disposal, which you can use free of charge.


    The following applications: Salesforce, Zendesk and others may be integrated with this resource. And on the official website you may find good materials on e-mail marketing.




    A Kissmetrics look

    You may also apply Kissmetrics. If online commerce is a crucial part of your business, you need to know how your customers are behaving on the website and on the checkout page. As soon as a site visitor becomes a customer, Kissmetrics links their actions on the website to the customer profile. You may gather important data from there to use for your database improvements.




    Optimizely webpage


    With Optimizely, you can A / B test, track conversion rates, and analyze results across your website just like a well-known Google Analytics.


    Optimizely is especially convenient and functional. You may safely use the same working scheme as in a giant called Google Analytics. Unlike, this service offers to use an easier interface with a user-friendly design.




    Outreach webpage

    How do you know what your potential customers are reading or downloading? What messages will resonate with them? Outreach, primarily for measuring sales engagement, is packed with powerful analytics to help marketers determine audience engagement in content.




    Get integrated via Zapier

    Sometimes you have to use multiple tools that don't work well with each other. Luckily, Zapier can help you with the integration. Set up as many Zap units as your account allows, and you will see your tools interact much more easily, no matter which one you prefer to choose to report on your marketing success.


    Integration with all kinds of applications and social networks are allowed.


    There are also many more complex services aimed at marketing assistance and conversion rate email investment. However, they may turn out to be not quite suitable for email marketers, as they seek great solutions for emails. Emails processing is quite a specific marketing branch, and it’s sometimes hard to choose the optimal service for both emailing & tracking progress all-in-one.


    So, before you actually take a final step of launching an effective e-mail campaign, you need to decide on the goals that you set for it. Based on them, you choose a perfect solution and proceed with your meticulous work. This is the only way you may better understand how effective your results will be, which allows you to calculate the KPI most accurately, and improve ROI – accordingly.


    Email metrics is the key

    Know what you’re measuring, prior to starting your email success tracking.


    Before you begin, discover how to measure your advertising in a smart way and which tools to use to track your success all-in-one. Find relevant marketing performance metrics every marketer should know about to organize awesome email marketing campaigns and bring positive results.


    To sum it up, we recommend using only smart strategies for Internet marketing and only high-quality software products to figure out how to assess marketing effectiveness in the best possible way in your particular case/business/marketing strategy.


    Feel free to use bulk emails service that will assist your email campaigns well, help improve your rates and minimize all possible campaign-related risks like spam, errors & other complaints.


    Good luck!

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