Freedom for subscribers: How to unsubscribe a client from SMS mailing

    by Ira Byvalkevich


    When you do not provide the best opportunity to unsubscribe, customers send your contacts to spam. Simple as it is. Each complaint lowers the sender's reputation, and your marketing KPIs. When the reputation falls below the threshold, the system blocks all SMS from the suspicious number. And that might be yours.


    Let’s see how to stop SMS messages with respect to our clients and no harm for your text messaging success.


    How to stop text message with respect to a client


    How to stop text message? Many marketers feel that it is not necessary to make sure that it is easy for a customer to unsubscribe from text messages. Moreover, it is sometimes widely accepted that the more people receive SMS, the better it is for them. It doesn't matter whether people like it or not. It’s all false. To refuse getting sales texts is a natural right of any subscriber. And sooner or later it happens. Your task is to arrange it effectively.


    Since a marketing campaign is a broad concept that may include, but is not limited to, promotional activities like content, social media marketing, etc., SMS also play a great role in promotion. Of course, email + SMS advertising cannot be the main tool of marketing campaigns, but still significantly adds to the marketing campaign mix. That’s why the way you communicate via text message channel may improve or spoil your reputation. And to be able to make subscribers stop to opt out is a huge takeaway.


    Why you need to know how to make customers stop to opt out


    Your sender reputation is the most important. Unsubscribing is beneficial for both subscribers and the senders. The subscriber does not receive unnecessary texts, and the sender does not waste time with an uninterested audience, measuring it and remarketing it, etc. And has no problem with SMS providers.


    Thus, unsubscribing is an axiom.


    Each message must contain a link to unsubscribe. This is the rule of healthy SMS marketing and the newslettering axiom. If a person no longer wants to receive texts, you need to respect this decision. We provide an opportunity to unsubscribe and then monitor the level of unsubscriptions in the database just like the other marketing metrics.


    The main reasons for unsubscribing from mailing list:


    Any company is interested in knowing why customers refuse to receive messages. Experienced marketers have identified the 4 most common reasons for unsubscribing:


    • Too frequent texts.
    • Unnecessary or irrelevant information in messages.
    • Change in the recipient's preference or area of ​​activity.
    • Loss of interest in the brand, transition to services / products of competitors, etc.


    The reasons are different, but the result is the same. You need to make everything not to make people stay, but build trusted relationships.


    Basic rules to stop promotional text messages


    How to stop marketing text messages so that you can save your face? There are a couple of basic rules to follow and stay in healthy relations with your audience.


    • Provide unsubscribe links


    Just like in email marketing you may not manage bulk SMS without subscriber’s concern on data processing both when they subscribe and opt-out. Be sure to inform them of that. You may also provide the button or link "Unsubscribe” from the text. Most often they are provided in emails in the form of tiny links, hard to find or open, etc. You need to make them visible and convenient to use, even if you communicate via text message.


    • It’s better to unsubscribe than to get in Spam/being blocked/blacklisted


    The idea is to make it more convenient for the user to click your Unsubscribe button rather than get into Spam or block your Contacts. For example, we automatically add a link to unsubscribe to our customers' massages and handle all cancellations ourselves. The most important thing is to understand that the availability of such a button will not decrease your profit, but, on the contrary, will increase along with trust and reputation.


    • Don’t complicate it


    At the same time, you do not need to force the user to enter a login with a password, if your site or service involves registration. You have already strained enough by the very fact of the texting, from which to unsubscribe. If the recipient does not remember or does not want to enter the login details into the system, then the easiest option for him will be, again, sending a text into spam.


    • Notify of successful unsubscription


    First of all, you need to inform the recipients that you heard them and removed them from your contact list. To avoid misunderstandings, you may remind the name of your company if you think the recipient clicked unsubscribe by mistake.


    • Provide re-subscribe buttons


    An immediately offered re-subscribe is sometimes what’s needed. Many people may unsubscribe unintentionally. Funny, but true. So, it's a great idea to give your SMS recipients this opportunity. Especially if they accidentally hit the unsubscribe button in the previous message.


    • Offer the shortest surveys or a ‘Reason’ filed


    It's important to know what makes people quit. Of course, if you are going to change the situation for the better. If the person has just unsubscribed from you, offer to take a short survey. If you are really interested in why a person does not want to receive more SMS from you, you can find out the reason by adding a "reason" field on the unsubscribe page.


    Don’t nightmare your former subscribers with tons of questions why? Just ask 3-4 questions, or even use the Google form link in your message so that the client chooses just one option & immediately sends answers automatically.


    • Make sure it’s a single opt-out


    Single opt-out means only one click is required from the client to accomplish the unsubscription process from the message by following an appropriate link to the website. Whereas double opt-out requires more actions and this may be extra annoying for people.


    N.B! A double opt-out is allowed in the USA, Canada, Eastern Europe and Asia, while in the EU it is only a single opt-out in one click.


    Also, keep in mind that if your text messages are always interesting, needful and to the point, sent in the right place & time and additionally beautifully worded, you have a better chance of retaining customers


    How to come up with unsubscribe message

    There are certain words to include into the design of your unsubscribe button/message that will block marketing text messages for those users who press it. They may be a good idea when you organize your text messaging not only via SMS, but also use extended solutions like Viber, or other instant messages.


    Your message should be clear enough and the text template elements – visible and well-adjusted to provide the best opt-out experience to the users.


    People may respond easily directly to your text with such words as STOPALL, STOP, UNSUBSCRIBE, REFUSE, CANCEL, END, QUIT. It’s better to


    CANCELL MESSAGING or something like STOP MESSAGES will work worse than a single clear word.


    So, if you do care about your customer experience and the text template UX, you’d better avoid many words in your buttons or on unsubscription pages, and never provide 3-or-more-step opt-out processes.


    How to stop messaging via professional SMS services?


    It’s common that there are awesome sms text marketing solutions that are used by text marketers to speed up their work and optimize various parts of marketing processing.


    Many services provide the ability to automatically insert an unsubscribe link. For example, in the Atomic SMS service, it is enough to check the box next to the inscription "Unsubscribe link". So, how to set up unsubscribing from SMS messaging in such service as Atomic SMS Sender, as an example?


    In fact, it’s so easy! After the main content of the message, at the end of the message field, the text “Unsubscribe” and the link will appear. When you click on it, a person is taken to the unsubscribe page. It looks like this:


    The person can tell you the reasons of unsubscibing. As a result you can correct the strategy.


    How you make a link “Unsubscribe from SMS” in the Atomic SMS Sender


    In this very field, the user may also enter the reason why he/she wants to unsubscribe. That way, you don't have to contact them personally to find that out in different ways.


    You may also explore how to stop text ads on cell phone & unsubscribe the client from SMS mailing manually. Just go to the "Address Books" section of the Atomic SMS Member Area and set an exception by the user number.


    Thus, the services for sending email and SMS or free bulk phone number validation like Atomic service makes the process of adding an unsubscribe link as fast and easy as possible. In other cases, entrepreneurs create their own page for unsubscribing from SMS mailing on their websites and lead their customers to them via text messages.




    Unsubscribing from SMS mailing is very important, since sending messages without the permission of the recipients is illegal. Customer relationships must be transparent. If you receive a request to explain how to block SMS mailing, do everything in your power to unsubscribe the clients with maximum comfort and preserve your reputation in no way.


    If you yet don’t know how to stop promotional text messages in the best possible way for both your marketing KPIs and the customers feel free to contact us for help!


    Try Atomic Mail Sender and sure that this tool is perfect for creating healthy email marketing campaigns.


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