Personalization is not just a name. Get full of personalized mass emails

    by Ira Byvalkevich

    The marketing reality bites. So, marketers have to come up with new ways to attract customers via their email campaigns. Personalization has become a way out. Continue reading to find out what that is and how to use it appropriately to achieve success in email marketing, which way is too challenging nowadays.

    What’s email personalization?

    Personalization of email newsletters is the process of creating emails that take into account the personal data of their recipients: their preferences, interests, place of residence, gender, age, and other factors. These emails are more effective.

    Personalization is said to be really important for effective email marketing.

    Campaign Monitor studies have shown that, on average, they generate up to 18 times more revenue than emails created without segmentation.

    And have a look at these figures. They are more than just convincing:

    • 92% of brands admit an increase in conversions after personalizing bulk email campaigns;

    • 61% of companies admit profit growth after implementing personalized customer communication;

    • 86% of users prove personalization motivates them to make a purchase.

    Another study admits that about 96% of organizations believe that email personalization can improve email marketing performance.

    If you want the same results or better, hurry up to segment your target audience and set up your personalized email campaigns accordingly.

    How is it used in marketing?

    There are several most popular channels that allow you to personalize your messages. Here we go:

    • SMS

    SMS messaging is still in vogue. Personalized text messages are becoming more common. It's hard to stay indifferent when your favorite cafe greets you by your name.



    • Instant messengers

    Viber, WhatsApp, Facebook make it possible to send personalized messages in the best possible way. By customizing mailing in messengers, you increase the loyalty of users.



    • Chatbots

    They are reliable assistants for a marketer in many ways. Personalizing chat messages creates an impression of communicating with a real person. This hooks a potential client and disposes for further communication. It's nice when even a robot knows your name, preferences, etc.



    • Push notifications

    These small messages have the power to bring the visitor back to the site or application. Please include the username in the text. This catches attention, and the person not only reads the notification but also follows it & converts.



    • Bulk emails

    Customized mass emails allow you to utmost harness the power of personalization. Despite many options, most email marketers limit their emails to only mentioning the name of the newsletter subscriber. That’s a pity. Hint your customer to complete a purchase, remind of payment, or even more with the help of a personalized email:


    You may always remind your customer of abandoned cart items

    How to set it up & get more from your emails?

    Segment your database by specific data. Study your target audience. Break your contacts into segments and start sending bulk emails accordingly. So that girls do not receive collections of men's shoes, or young mothers - discounts on things for teenagers, etc

    Segmentation data to keep in mind before personalizing your emails for email marketing campaigns:


    If you sell clothes, perfumes, cosmetics, etc., this parameter is important. To sell coffee, books (with rare exceptions), cars, furniture, on the contrary - it is not necessary to know the gender. But it will be useful to keep in mind your audience’s gender anyway. You may always prepare a selection of "female" cars/books. For example:


    Email samples with appropriate gender segmentation into male/female all-in-one


    It’s common that we do not offer adult items to teenagers, or vice versa, etc. For example:


    An email that is obviously targeted not at adults


    It matters in a specific case when you need to narrow your campaign impact geographically. The information that you have opened a branch in Cyprus will be especially interesting only to its residents, right? The same with Boston events announced in Boston:


    Boston events for Boston people all-on-one page

    Additional data to help you segment your database will be: interests, industry, clothing and footwear sizes, and so much more depending on your products.

    Segment your contacts by interactions

    The way your audience interacts or engage may also be used to improve our email personalization. Review your subscriber's history of brand engagement. Most likely, there are clients in the database who have bought something at least once and have been reading your letters for a long time (or sometimes opening them). Segment them based on this data too:

    • email open and clicks;

    • how often people buy;

    • which creatives people react to more often;

    • average purchase bill;

    • cart abandoned, etc.

    For example, if a user buys coffee beans from you once a month regularly, send a promo code with free shipping. You may do the same in individual cases too:


    A special offer to a client, labeled with his name on the cup

    Another example: three weeks ago, a customer purchased a pack of 30 pairs of eye-contact lenses. Send a reminder - it's time to restock, the item is running out, but we have saved some for you. Such a personalized approach will also work in B2B emails too.

    Thus, you show concern for the client and remind you of you brand regularly. Besides, you remarket those customers who may fall out of your marketing pipe occasionally: a person wanted to place an order, but something was distracting, or he/she put the item into a cart but forgot it there, etc.

    Set up trigger emails

    Trigger messages are sent automatically according to specified scenarios. For example, a user added items to the cart but haven’t paid it up. Or 20 subscribers from the database have a birthday in a row today, etc. For example:


    Personalized Happy Birthday email from beauty niche

    Research by MarketingCharts confirms that triggers work, with a 4.2% sales conversion rate. The regular mailing list has a 3.9% conversion rate.

    Triggers create the effect of one-on-one communication & regular follow-up.

    How to create personalized emails via professional emailing tools?

    Setting up personalization starts with a list of contacts. Using the registration subscription form, you collect customer data into a single database. Most often it is stored in a convenient Excel format, which can then be used to segment subscribers.

    When you pass over making up an email campaign via a professional email marketing solution, using variables in text, as well as email templates available both graphic and HTML will be great advantages that will make your personalization process easier & faster.

    Use variables

    A variable is a part of the newsletter text, which is enclosed in special tags, for example% ______%. They associate the selected place in the text with the mailing list file and automatically substitute specific information for each recipient in the place of the tag.


    Personalization setup & picking variables

    In some email marketing services, you will need to manually create variables. For example, you may come across tools in which you need to write code. Some companies offer users a visual editor that makes it much easier to do this. Thus, Atomic Mail Sender doesn’t require any coding skills. All you need to do is just load the list and select the right column.

    Use email templates

    The market leaders in the sphere of email marketing tool development also offer their users free email templates. It’s quite reasonable. In personalized emails, the click-through rate is 27% higher. Preparing a personalized email campaign in the program will take a little time, but it will be more fruitful in the end.


    Atomic email template processing

    That’s why you need to choose a reliable tool to professionally prepare your email campaigns with personalized data and stay data-driven when measuring results afterward.


    Do you want your email channel to generate more sales? Personalize your newsletters. Automate the processes. Make your marketing effective. Personalization helps the client feel special and helps you increase your conversions via professional emails and bulk email campaigns. Launch your personalized email campaign and enjoy increased sales with Atomic Mail Sender or similar professional email tools. If you have any questions, always feel free to contact us for help.

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    Ira Byvalkevich
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