Email Marketing Advice and Tips 2012

    by Paul Shuteyev
    advice-advise-sticker Hey guys, Hope you're doing great! I always like to meet new people and make friends with email and marketing specialists. Today I want to provide you with such a helpful advice and tips heard from PROs. These are not ultimate techniques but a tips that work great and are extremely important to use. Please enjoy!
    • If you want people to do few different things, send them few different emails. This means, you should put only one offer or “call to action” in a single email message.
    • Use more periods, less commas. By following this techniques you will have short and clear sentences.
    • Imagine your Call-2-action is your slogan, make it short and clear. Short emails have higher CTR and ROI.
    • Facts > Opinions. "Our software extracts more than 1000 emails per minute" is better than "Probably the best email extractor"
    • Write complete sentences that are grammatically correct. Email message is not a tweet or SMS - show your respect with nice and smooth sentences.
    • Make sure you can't face any possible legal problems with your email.
    • Invite recipients to share their thoughts and ideas. It's good to stay in touch with your recipients and subscribers - ask them to share their ideas and thoughts.
    Written by:
    Paul Shuteyev
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