Email Delivery Statistics 2012

    by Paul Shuteyev
    Hey guys, Hope you're doing great! As we all know delivery is the key aspect of email marketing, and all of email marketers do their best to increase delivery rates. Sure, this can be achieved in many ways, for example, by improving technical base (servers, SMTPs, etc) or by optimizing email message and working with the email list. But it's always good to know the latest news from the "battlefield", so please see the statistics on email delivery and email complaints below. Please enjoy! P.S. More tips from the Return Path Report: 1. The highest complaint rates (~3%) appear in banking, social media, retail and corporate service niches. Other industries and niches have the complaint rate of 2% on average. 2. Social networking and gaming industry has the highest rates of  unknown email recipients. spam-volume-delivered-email-volume-return-path-2012 average-world-complaint-rates-return-path-2012
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    Paul Shuteyev
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