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    Advanced Email Segmentation Ideas

    by Paul Shuteyev
    pie-pie-slicesHey guys, Hope you're doing great! We all know how important relevant and targeted content is in email marketing. And the best way to reach targeted audience is list and content segmentation. I've mentioned few basic and easy-to-implement steps before and today I would like to discuss more advanced email list and email content segmentation ideas. Please enjoy, and have a great weekend! 1. Targeting business owners. This is your chance to move your product or service to business-to-business level. Even if your product is B2C only, then reaching B2B can help you in engaging new partners or reaching new markets. Such prospects usually are decision-makers, this means they need less time to buy your product or to refuse your offer. 2. Targeting socially active prospects. This is such a goldmine, just imagine all the people who can make your product or service go viral. It's good to offer them a good discount in exchange for a review posted in social networks. Asking for a testimonial is also a good choice. Never scam them - your reputation can go down in days. Long story short - always have something special for such prospects. 3. Targeting loyal customers. This is your treasure, your 100%-buyers, this doesn't mean you should just sell. Make them even more loyal - always include special offers for them (such as discounts, free content, additional features, etc). Also loyal customers can become good partners or affiliates as they know your products and love them..
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    Paul Shuteyev
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