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    BlackList Check: How To Check Whether Your Emails are Blacklisted or Not

    by Paul Shuteyev


    As we all know, the worst enemy, or even a Satan, of the Email Marketing is Spam Filters and Blacklists. And it doesn’t matter what is the content of your emails and who you send them to – many good email marketers face this problem. So today we will tell you what does blacklisted email mean and how to check if your email is blacklisted.

    How email blacklists work?

    Blacklist is a range of domains and IP-addresses, which are suspected in spam-sending. If your emails are blacklisted, they are not delivered into the Inbox folder of your addressees. Another, the lighter variant is passing some additional spam tests each time you send an email.

    There are 2 types of blacklists:

    1. Private. Adding to this one - this is what happens when you blacklist an email. Emails from this domain will no more be delivered to your Inbox folder. This is not a big problem for a sender, because emails will continue being delivered to other receivers.
    2. Public (open). These are blacklists from mail providers. They are based on the results of spam filters. If they identify your newsletters as spam, they can block your domain, and emails will be no more delivered to any receivers. There are several public blacklists: for example, SpamHaus, SpamCop, SORBS. The consequences of being banned by such filters are rather serious. For example, if your domain is in the SpamHaus blacklist, they won’t be delivered to the users of hotmail, live, outlook and msn mail providers. Also, as many senders say, the newsletters from domains blocked by SpamHaus are not delivered to about 20% of receivers who use gmail.

    So, if you want your emails to be delivered, you should:

    • care of how to prevent email blacklisting;
    • check if your domain or IP-address is not already banned;
    • think on how to remove email from the blacklist if it is already blocked.

    Why do you need the Email Blacklist Check?

    Many spam filters work not really accurate. They can concern your email to be spam, even if it’s not the truth, and put it to an email block list. Sure if you’re not spamming there’s just a little probability of being blacklisted, but the chance remains the chance. So read further and learn how to check if the email is blacklisted.

    Free blacklist check for email

    The best way to check is your domain or IP address is banned is to use a blacklisted email checker. Here are some services which will help with blacklisting check.

    1. DNS Stuff
      What does blacklisted email mean

    2. Blacklist.ie
      How to check if your email is blacklisted

    3. MXToolbox
      How email blacklists work

    4. Debouncer
      Email blacklist check
    5. DNSBL
      How to do email marketing without getting blacklisted

    How to use them? Just enter your mail server IP address and/or domain name and do the check.

    How to do email marketing without getting blacklisted

    Here are some pieces of advice on how to avoid being banned by spam filters:

    • Send emails only to people who have given permission to you. You can get it with the help of a double opt-in system.
    • Verify the mailing list for not sending newsletters to non-existing and invalid addresses.
    • Improve your marketing strategy to increase the open rate. The low one can lead to being blacklisted.
    • Create an unsubscribe link, otherwise, people who are not interested will hit the spam button.
    • Don’t use words which can be identified as spam by filters.

    How Can You Remove From a Blacklist (Blocklist)?

    If you have found your domain or IP-address blocked, the first question you should put is how to remove my email address from blacklist.

    Here are some tips on how to get off email blacklist:

    1. Write to the blacklist holder’s support. For example, if you are banned by BlockHaus, write to SpamHaus Blocklist Email Removal Center and get further instructions on what to do to be deleted from the blocklist. Or you can contact the mail provider that has declined your newsletters.
    2. Do not repeat your mistakes. Try not to do the things that had led to ban anymore.

    We hope our article will help you to avoid the blacklist.

    Written by:
    Paul Shuteyev
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