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    by Irina Podorvan
    Webinars on marketing

    Success goes hand in hand with knowledge. We are relaxing this summer, but it goes to an end. So it`s high time to keen on improving your professional skills. We are ready to ease this task for you. Carpe Diem! You are lucky. We collect a list of free webinars to increase your master`s level at Digital Marketing.

    Upcoming free webinars on marketing

    How to build (and Level Up) Influencer Campaigns

    Practitioner marketer Jason Falls waits for you on his eye-opening webinar. He will take you through the nuts and bolts of creating influencer marketing campaigns. He gives a detailed guide on how to level-up your campaign.

    You`ll learn:

    • 6 elements of successful campaigns and how to reach high-level marketing strategy.
    • How to establish goals and ways to their achievement.
    • How to contribute with influencers and make them sure to work with you even without a budget.
    • The examples of bleeding-edge brands, that influence marketing.
    Best Digital webinar

    Hurry up and register for the webinar.

    YouTube Optimization

    Any brand worth his salt has a YouTube channel. It is one more way to generate leads.

    To get videos to rank on YouTube you should know some secret features of YouTube. Its FAQ doesn't tell you this mystery, but the webinar`s speaker does.

    After watching, you'll learn:

    • How the length of the video influence YouTube research.
    • Why the authority is important and how to establish it.
    • What kind of content you should demonstrate to increase people`s interest in your video.
    • Why you need the proper keywords and how to use them to optimize the content.
    Free webinar

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    Email Marketing Online Forum 2019

    Event of the year! It is the best option for everyone who has chosen email marketing. From this forum, you know how to get over the methods and tools. You will know how to build relationships with lucky folks on your email list stronger.

    You will get:

    • Presentations from top marketing experts.
    • Conversations with forum speakers. You can get answers to the most worrying questions.
    • Free materials to download.

    The organizer has good news for those who won`t watch the forum on September 13th. After registration, the materials will be accessible for 90 days.

    More detailed information you can get on the website.

    Past free digital webinars

    Email`s Future: Deliverability, Impressions, Opens

    Being a good marketer, you always think about how to increase the brand`s loyalty and make better trustworthiness of email. It's both important and difficult to create positive brand experiences.

    Email and brand future lies in a new thing, called BIMI (Brand Indicators for Message Identification).

    From this webinar you will learn:

    • What BIMI is and how it works.
    • How to make trusting relations between your brand and users.
    • How to increase open rates.

    Be sure this webinar is worthy to join.

    More detailed information you can get on the website.

    10 Digital Marketing Trends to Track in 2019

    Marketing is developing by leaps and bounds. New trends, strategies, and technologies are showing up every day. It is difficult to keep your fingers on a pulse. This 1-hour webinar makes it for you. Randy Hlavac, the speaker tells what digital marketing trends in this year you should track.

    The webinar was in April, but you can watch it right here:

    Succeeding with Digital Marketing in 2019 and Beyond

    Despite the webinar tells about the plans that you should set at the beginning of the next year, you can do it now. The webinar shows you how to make a digital marketing strategy and be better than competitors

    In this video Samantha Russell, the speaker discusses the most popular area in 2019:

    • Voice search
    • Chatbots
    • Live chat
    • Video
    • Social media

    She explains the features of new tactics and how to implement them into your digital marketing strategy to improve it.

    Watch the video and keep in mind after watching it you'll get a successful digital campaign.

    Also, you can download the slides on how to be succeeded in digital marketing in 2019.

    3 Email Marketing Trends for Small Businesses in 2019

    Email marketing is still popular and more and more entrepreneur decides to use it. If you are a rookie or even an advanced user this webinar`s speaker explains the top 3 trends for small businesses in 2019.

    You'll learn:

    • How to make your email messages more personalized and what it gives.
    • How to get an extra profit with the help of automatization.
    • How to level up the business providing value.

    Watch and enjoy useful knowledge:

    The Trends & Strategies That Will Shape Your Email Program

    Email marketing webinar that explores innovations of 2019. The leading specialists tell about key moments, trends, that have been changing the email marketing. You'll get practical advice on how to use new hacks in your email marketing strategy.

    You will learn:

    • How to display images, cupon`s code, and others in Gmail’s revamped Promotions tab.
    • Why the structured data will become more important this year.
    • Why the emergence of voice assistant makes the creation of clear email messages more important.
    • And other useful things to improve your skills in email marketing.

    Register to watch the webinar. It's free.

    How to Write Effective Marketing Emails for Any Situation

    Writing an email message is a part of marketing strategy implementation. The likelihood of seeing the message depends on the text that you've written. It's quite difficult to write clear text having a lack of time.

    Give an hour to watching the webinar and save days to understand how to write an email, that will be read.

    You will learn:

    • How to understand what you should write.
    • The simple formula to create a message.
    • Some pieces of advice for writing a perfect email newsletter.

    How to Generate Leads with Content Marketing

    The words are spare, but let me tell one thing about the webinar`s speaker.

    Antoine Depont, speaker at international conferences, award-winning marketing agency owner with 18 years of experience in marketing. So he knows all about it.  He tells how to be one step ahead of competitions with the help of Content Marketing.

    Watch the video and be ready to calm down your competitors when they will cry falling behind your brand.


    These webinars are a good possibility to improve skills and get valuable knowledge for free. As people say: ‘Who owns the information, owns the whole world’. Are you agree with these words?

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