Halloween email ideas: Grab your treats with the spooky newsletter!

    by Daria Ivanishina

    halloween email marketing

    Halloween is just around the corner. It’s time to treat subscribers!

    Halloween is the beginning of the biggest and the most active shopping times of the year. Starting from now, you’ve got a great opportunity to interest your consumers with scary-good offers and promotions, to earn the loyalty of clients and get the profit for your business. Millions of people start their holiday shopping rush, be sure your email marketing is ready.

    In 2018, US consumers planned to spend approximately 9 billion U.S. dollars for the Halloween season.

    halloween purchases

    Statista: Consumers’ annual Halloween expenditure in the United States from 2006 to 2018 (source - Statista.com)

    From year to year, the number of online shoppers raises. 50% of all the consumers choose online shopping. And if you can propose them something that provides a lot of value to them – you will benefit.

    Halloween Sale: the email offers that consumer can't refuse

    Halloween holiday is about trick-or-treating, costume parties, pumpkins, and different scary decorations. Let’s have a look at what goods people usually buy:

    95% Over 9 in 10 celebrants are going to buy candies
    72% 7 in 10 celebrants are going to buy decorations
    69% Nearly 7 in 10 celebrants are going to buy costumes
    37% Almost 4 in 10 celebrants are going to buy greeting cards

    Source: https://www.hiaonline.org/page/statsandtrends

    That doesn’t mean your business must have directly these goods to boost profits. A great way for you is to prepare a themed special Halloween offer, an awful discount of scare up sales.

    In fact, 66% of consumers begin their shopping in early October and only 10% start a few days before. It’s better to prepare your email marketing strategy as early as you can, but it’s never late to improve the one you’ve already have.

    We prepared examples of spooktacular emails to inspire you to a big Halloween party.

    Halloween email marketing tips and tricks

    1. Halloween email subject line

    Pay great attention to the subject line. Catch the subscribers’ attention with fun, but not cheat. Drop a hint about your great offer. Use emojis halloween4

      • BOO! 60% off Halloween styles
      • BOO-tiful New Halloween Charms
      • Haunt your house with these deals!
      • Ding Dong! Our Ltd. Edition Halloween Gift Bag is Here
      • Check out our sale before it GHOSTS away!

    If you consider that you need more than an unusual subject – add a preheader. In such a case your subscribers will see the following:




    2. Halloween newsletter content tips

    We recommend focusing on one product. Sure thing there are lots of goods in your online store, but there is no need to show everything. Point out the one themed product and complete the email with others (mostly placed in the bottom).

    halloween newsletter


    Be as brief as you can. Make your offer understandable to everybody.

    halloween email campaign


    halloween email

    Experiment with puns. Use a freak language, unusual and unexpected words – give full scope to your imagination.

    halloween email template


    3. Email ideas for Halloween newsletter design

    Play with fonts. Email is not just a bag of inspirational words. The letters themselves can become a work of art. Make them themed: use orange-pumpkin color or as black as a bat, use Gothic fonts to make everything look “frighteningly” ... and, of course, don't forget to use themed words.

    halloween newsletter design

    Coordinate colors. What are Halloween colors? You may say – black, grey, orange, dark-green… Good of you! We advise you to group products according to the mentioned palette or even use black as a dominant color; practice contrast; feel free to experiment with a Halloween email design.

    halloween email design

    halloween email campaign dsign


    Use themed mystery elements and gifs. Your Halloween campaign must differ from the ordinary one you send monthly. Feel free to decorate newsletter with additional images, add gifs or even create a custom Halloween email template.

    4. Halloween campaign ideas: Be creative!

    It doesn’t matter what you sell. There are lots of ideas and variants how to benefit during the holiday sale. Look at this Halloween email marketing idea - just glasses; but what an eye-catching email campaign they’ve created!

    halloween email ideas

    And finally, remember that today you have a great opportunity to convert subscribers into customers and keep staying with them until the end of the year (the end of the sales). Start each email campaign with following the clients’ needs, values and desires – this is the key to success.

    Happy Halloween!

    Written by:
    Daria Ivanishina
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