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The best program for the professional Email Marketing: Analysis Report

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Choosing the best tool for your email campaigns can be a real challenge. You can spend hours and days looking for the best option. But time is money, so don’t waste it and read our presentation, where we’ve analyzed the top 5 mass mailing software for you:

  • Atomic Mail Sender
  • Mass Email Sender
  • Bulk Mailer Pro
  • SendBlaster Pro 4
  • G-Lock Easymail 7

There is a list of features that are a must for a successful email campaign. We’ve checked its availability in these programs, and here is what we have.

  • Program compatibility with popular OS

Mass mailing software

  • SMTP Servers support

Simple Mail Transfer Protocol helps to deliver bulk email campaigns without getting them marked as SPAM.

Email SMTP

  • Proxy servers support

Sending bulk emails directly with your ISP may cause some issues for your IP. Proxy servers help you to hide your IP and avoid getting blacklisted.

Mass Emailing Program

  • Unsubscribe Link Insertion

Clicking an unsubscribe link in the newsletter, users automatically remove their emails from the mailing list and you don’t have to do it manually.

Unsubscribe Link in emails

  • Newsletter Personalization

This feature allows you to insert personal data into the email template:

    • Subscribers name
    • Address
    • Company name
    • Discount size
    • Favorite product, etc.

Program for sending mass emails

  • Social Widgets

This feature automatically adds social media icons to the newsletter content. Thus, your subscribers can easily follow your company on social just clicking on it.

Email Blasts Program

  • Text Spin

Spin text option provides you with alternative words or lines that will systematically rotate or spin for each recipient. It makes a newsletter more personalized and helps to pass spam filters easily.

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Email Marketing software

  • Spam Checker

With its help, you can find the weak places of your newsletter content and change it to avoid Spam Filters attention.

Program for sending mass email newsletters

  • Image Editor

Allows you to crop, change colors, resize and rotate the images of your newsletter without leaving the program.

Rpofessional email marketing software

  • Email Tracking

This feature helps to review the statistics of the emails you’ve sent:

Email Tracking

  • Scheduled Email Sending

Schedule the time of your email campaigns automatic sending. It’s very useful when your email subscribers are from different time zones.

Best software foe sending bulk emails

  • Black List Option

Adding subscribers emails to the blacklist excludes these addresses from the mailing list, so you don’t have to do this manually.

Rpofessional email marketing software

  • Free Email Templates 

Using one of the free.

Email Templates

  • Google analytics

Track clicks, sales, conversions generated by your newsletter.

Email Blusts

  • Bounce Analyzer

Based on the first connection to the mail server, it automatically adds hard bounced emails to the blacklist of the program.

Email Blusts

  • SMTP Test

Helps to test your email campaign on what folder it will be placed in (inbox or spam) and how the newsletter design elements will be displayed.

Email Marketing software

Keep in mind the criteria we’ve mentioned above because they are essential to the success of your campaigns. Choose the tool that perfectly fits all these requirements.


Want to expand your marketing capabilities? Try the best email marketing software in 2020! Such tools not only allow you to send newsletters, but also completely organize your mass mailing campaign.

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Written by: Anastasia Sukhareva