How to find emails: Best email scraping practices 2020

    by Irina Podorvan

    Looking for emails on the web Finding email addresses becomes harder with each day. Emails can be specified wrong or it is impossible to get them. What to do if you need an email list quickly? Let’s check the most popular practices of searching for email addresses and experiment with unusual methods. Read the article and know how to look for emails to get a qualitative email list.

    How to find email addresses for free. Classical methods

    There are usual ways of searching for email addresses. Sometimes these methods can take much time but let’s deal with everything one by one. We have analyzed several simple ways how to find an email address. Take your notebooks and write it down!

    Looking for emails on websites

    It is the simplest way to connect with for example editor. If you want to exchange links you need to write an email to the content manager or chief editor. To find their email address visit Contact Us page. Finding emails

    Contact Us page on

    Honestly, not an easy way to find email addresses, but it has a place to be. If you don’t know what email address you need exactly you can write on emails like,, etc. Keep in mind that such email addresses have a dozen emails every day. Your newsletter should be special and stand out from the crowd. To make recipients open newsletter write intrigue and clear subject line following these tips:

    • the company name or website should be in the first line;
    • company’s benefits should be more important than yours;
    • the subject line should be clear what you propose.

    Guessing emails or finding emails in your mind

    This method is simple and fits if you needn’t many recipients. Also if you are looking for an email address finder for free. In most cases, companies’ emails consist of name and domain, for example, Try to transform name adding domain and check in google whether such email is correct. This variant works if you know the name of the recipients. Looking for email addresses

    An example of how to guess email.

    Looking for an email address on social networks

    If finding emails on the website is difficult or you have no answers, connect with recipients on social media firstly. Comment on their posts, like them. Your task is to become familiar with the influencer. When you connect with the recipient on social media try to write an email once again. If your name is familiar the chance of opening email and future collaborations. There are some ways of looking for emails on social media.

    • Twitter. On this social media, it is easy to look for personal emails because users add emails with pleasure. Use the feature “Advanced search”, enter a keyword “email” or “email at”:

    Searching for emails

    Enjoy the result:

    How to find email

    • LinkedIn. Thanks to this method you can find the list of emails. To make this add as many as possible users that you are interested in and press “Export Linkedin Connections”.

    How to look for email

    This resource is good because it helps you to figure out the simple ways of finding email addresses for free. Emails will be exported in excels file. This method is good but dangerous. You can be blocked because of active actions, that’s why find email addresses not so aggressive.

    How to search for emails from Facebook you can find out in our article

    Looking for an email address in search engines

    Finding email addresses in search engines is an available method if you know name and domain. To get an email from search engines enter the domain in quotes and name. Searching for email addresses This method is simple but fits if you need not many emails, because you can spend hours and days searching for email addresses. Furthermore, you can’t get results if the email isn't specified on the website. [interaction id="5f1037e5123abc66603f6fd7"]

    Experimental ways of finding emails

    Finding contacts with the program isn’t a new method, but we show different combinations of looking for email addresses that provide a qualitative email list for mass mailing. To demonstrate ways of finding emails with the help of parse software we have chosen one of the most popular tools Atomic Email Hunter.

    1. Website + location If you need emails of people that live in a proper country and can be specified on the website you can set the country and website’s URL to find email addresses that will be useful for your business. Finding contacts The program will find all emails specified on this page in about a minute.

    For example, you are a seller and don`t understand how to find someone's email address on Ebay. With this program all you need is just to enter the site URL in the special field. Moreover you have a possibility to find names from email address. They will be formed in a separate column opposite the addresses, what can`t be done by using conventional social networks.

    Finding contacts

    Atomic Email Hunter has found more than 30 thousand emails for 5 minutes:

    Scraping emails

    1. Keyword + location In case if you don’t have a specific website for searching for email addresses you can set keywords. Adding location helps to get target emails. Thankfully to this combination, your email list provides you people that will be interested in your proposition.

    Finding email addresses online

    1. Keyword + website Find emails of proper people on the concrete website, combine these two criteria, and enjoy the result of the searching simplicity with our email address finder.

    Finding contacts

    1. Emails of the company’s workers To get emails from proper company use Domain search.

    How to find email on the web

    These ways of getting emails from the web help to have emails that will bring high Open Rate.


    On the way of finding email addresses depends the quality of the mass mailing list. The choice is yours whether to spend days looking for emails or go with the progress and use parsing software.

    Choose Atomic Email Hunter and spend days earning money but not searching for email addresses.


    How to find a valid yahoo email address?

    Don't forget to check the validity of your recipients, while finding email addresses. Go to Yahoo's account recovery page at, enter the email address that you are checking for validity and click the Next button. Yahoo will say We couldn't match the Yahoo ID you entered with information in our database if the email address does not exist.

    How to find all business email addresses in gmail?

    To accomplish this simple procedure, you can subscribe to existing emails in your mailbox on your own. But, you see, this is a rather laborious and time-consuming business. You can also use special search engines for this. For example, Atomic Email Hunter has a built-in mailbox plugin. The program scans all messages in the mailbox and retrieves the addresses of those people whom you have corresponded with, as well as email addresses mentioned in text messages.

    How to find out email addresses from a website?

    There are many online services and various programs to solve this problem. Choose a tool for yourself with features that will be useful to you. Rate quality versus price. And forward to conquer the peaks! For example, Atomic Email Hunter is a Web email extractor that searches for sites that match specified keywords, and extracts email addresses from these sites. Email finding allows you to reach your target audience if you do not have a list of relevant sites to search for email addresses.

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