Email Copywriting Secrets – Write it Like a Boss

    by Paul Shuteyev
    MAFIAHey guys, Hope you're doing great! We all know how body of the email is important - it needs to be creative and catchy to provide you with the maximum output. Not all companies have their in-house copywriters, that are creative and marketing-addictive, but it's really possible to become one and then create awesome email texts. Sure, I can't make you super creative in 15 minutes, but I can show you some secrets that will make it easier to create an outstanding email content. Let's start! 1. Write naturally. Choose the time of the day when you feel most creative and smart, use this time to prepare an email content. It's better to schedule content-writing sessions when you are at this mood. 2. Know your recipient. It's a lot easier to prepare a good email copy when you know the needs and wishes of your subscribers and other recipients. Just feed them with what they like and really need. This will guarantee you two big bonuses - first off, your rates will definitely go up, and your recipients will become extremely loyal. That's the best scenario for each and every email marketing specialist. 3. Compare your design and your tone. Your tone and the writing style must fit your design, and vice versa. Email is not just a text or the images - it's an all-in-one media content with the built-in videos, images, texts, links and buttons. All these must look good together. Be sure your tone and style are corporate ones if your email design looks classy and serious. It doesn't really matter if you choose corporate style or a free one, the only rule is your content must fit your design, nothing complex. 4. Give yourself enough time to refine and edit. Nothing is perfect at a first time. That's why it's so important to edit and refine your email copy. There are two good ways to make it even better - first one is providing your friends or colleagues with it and asking them to make some changes, second one is also good - leave it and have a look at it next day with fresh eyes - you will easily notice your mistakes and make your email copy better. Email editing becomes easy when you use mass mailing software!
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    Paul Shuteyev
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