B2B Email Marketing – Latest Statistics 2012

    by Paul Shuteyev
    Hey guys, Hope you're doing great! Thanks to Pardot.com for releasing statistics they gathered during a researches and surveys. I have saved most interesting parts of their report and I want to provide you with the most interesting data on:
    • Email marketingĀ budget,
    • Best practices,
    • Email features,
    • and Future vision.
    B2B Email budget Email is still a popular marketing tools, and 30 % of companies are using is as a primary lead generation tool. 65% of the companies allocate less than 25% of the in-house budgets to email marketing, and 27% allocate from quarter to half of their in-house budget to email marketing. B2B Email Bet Practices As we see here the best day to send email and receive highest open-rate is Tuesday, and the best time of the day is 8 AM - 12 PM. Also, the most desired content is - Webinars (TOP 1), White Papers, Case Studies and Multimedia content. B2B Email feature usage As you can see here only 25% of companies really optimize their email campaigns for mobile devices. 1/3 of companies run Spam Analysis to check whether their email will pass ESP's filters. 43% run cross platform tests and check their email on different browsers, email clients, etc. A bit more than a half of companies (51%) implement behavioral segmentation (it's nice to see such a large number of companies as segmentation questions are really close to me and I prepared few segmentation-related articles recently.) B2B Email future vision
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    Paul Shuteyev
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