TOP 9 Email Marketing Aspects to Test. BONUS Ideas and Tricks Included!

    by Paul Shuteyev
    Check!Hey guys, hope you're doing great!  Today I want to provide you with the list of Top 9 email marketing aspects you should apply your tests to. We all know how split-tests are important, and that tests are the basics of development and improvement, especially in email marketing niche. I will try to keep it short, explaining each and every tip.
    1. Sender's Name: Your From-Name should look familiar to your subscribers, this is the name of a "person" they trust. Also, your From-Name should look professional, easy-2-remember and it should fit your subject line and topic.
    2. Subject Line: This is one of the most important aspects that should be tested. Subject line is the first call-2-action mechanism of your email marketing campaign. This is what subscribers pay attention to when they decide to open your email.
    3. Headline: This is the second call-2-action element of your email campaign. Your headline should clearly explain what your email is about and what’s in it for the recipient.
    4. Different Offers: Discounts? Coupons? Gifts and bonuses? Test what kind of offers converts best on your list. You should clearly know what is the best offer to contact your list with.
    5. Button OR Hyperlinks: This is very interesting aspect. Buttons look nice and smooth, and URLs are just URLs - nothing special, BUT remember that Button is a design element, and your subscribers should allow showing images first to see your nice and colorful buttons. Worth testing.
    6. Color of Your Button/Call-2-Action: Some colors are more corporate, some not. Run few mailings to test it and find your color.
    7. The Best Place for Call-2-Action: Try putting your call-2-action element (i.e. button or links) to different spaces of your email design. Try top, bottom and the right column of your e-newsletter.
    8. Images/Media: Test how many images or media you have, where you put them and what images or media you use. Remember to always use alt-text too!
    9. Testimonials: Testimonials equals truth. Customers and leads always pay attention to reviews and testimonials. Sometimes sending a success-story to your list may really boost your email campaign.
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    Paul Shuteyev
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