TOP 4 Reasons Why People Unsubscribe. Stop Losing Subscribers!

    by Paul Shuteyev
    followersHey guys, Hope you're doing great! Today I would like to discuss top 4 reasons why people unsubscribe from the email lists. "-1 subscriber" is probably the worst notification for all of email marketers. The key aspect is - if some person leaves your list, then there is something he does not like. There are top 4 reasons why people unsubscribe. I will name them all and will try to keep it short. So top 4 reasons why you may lose your subscribers are: 1.) You are sending too many email updates. This is the most common mistake of all email marketing specialists. You've spent so much time building your list and this was important decision to become your subscriber, so try not to bother your subscribers with minor updates and non-important messages that are not useful. 2.) Your subscribers are receiving to many email updates that look similar to yours. It's all about content this time. Make your mailings unique. The little dirty trick is - subscribe to your competitors' email lists and check what they are sending to their prospects. You will always know what should you post next so it looks unique and interesting to your subscribers. 3.) You post boring and unimportant content. This mistake is sooo serious. It's even worse than mailings copied from your competitors. Always stay in touch with your subscribers to know what's important for them. Arrange contests, polls, lotteries - become their friend and partner - provide them with fresh techniques, tips and strategies that are topic-related. 4.) Your subscriber changed his email. This sounds funny, but this is the top 4 reason why people unsubscribe. The reason is they just changed their email provider and they will subscribe again if your updates are interesting and important for them. Hope this will help you in improving your email marketing campaigns!
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    Paul Shuteyev
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