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How to create wow images for email newsletter

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How to edit images r email newsletter

Wanna your email campaigns being read – make it shine! Illustrations are one of the key attention-grabbing parts of your mass mailing strategy. And today you’ll know how to create the cool graphic for your emails with the help of – photo converter and editor.

We will tell you:

  • why illustrated emails are necessary,
  • where to find free images to use,
  • how to optimize this graphic for your newsletter without web-designer.

So, let’s start!

Newsletter without images is equal to spam?

You perfectly know that the visual dimension is the primary factor affecting the purchase decision. Just look at these examples:

Email design exampleNewsletter design sampleEmail newsletter design example

They are bright and eye-catching. And now compare it to the newsletters without any images and spam:

Here are first – Litmus email without images at inbox folder and the second – spam message from an unknown sender. Visually these messages look quite similar.

When people open such a newsletter they have nothing to stop their look at. And it is good if they just stop reading such an email, and not mark it as spam.

Read this article to know the spam filters logic: Spam Filters and User: It’s time to get to know each other better. So, no doubts illustrated emails influence user behavior greatly.

Just think over the fact that nearly ⅔ of people are visual learners. Email Stats So, if you want your newsletter not be ignored – design it with graphic and improve its recall to 65%.

Where to find images to brighten up your email design?

Ok, it’s time to search for the pictures. The first thought – Google:) Yes, I understand, we’ve all done it. It is ok if you don’t mind the illustrations everyone use. Moreover, some of them may be protected by copyright. So let’s use 100% free pictures. Here is a list of the best photo stocks:

  • The universal sites where all pictures are divided into categories:

backgroung images for email

You can find here the great variety of good quality illustrations for your business email campaigns.

Background images for newsletter

Users say that the selection of the images here are so cool that you can easy to “fall down the rabbit hole”.

  • Top websites with free author’s pictures collections:

Images for email newsletter

There is a free set of illustrations collected by Cole Townsend.

  • SplitShire – the Daniel Nanescu collection of photos for free use

Stock images for email

All the images on this site are made with love. This small Italian collection of high-quality graphic would be perfect visualization for your newsletter digest.

So, you’ve found the images for your newsletter. What is next?

How to edit photos for email campaign without web-designer?

Imagine, you choose the email template in the bulk mailer and want to make it brighter. Of course, the easiest way is to add the header illustration.

Images for email header

On one of the photo stock websites you’ve found the perfect photo, but it requires some editing.

The easiest way to redesign photo without graphics specialist help is – online image converter and editor. It is one of the easiest ways to work with graphics online for free.

Here is how works:

  1. Download the image you want to change.
  2. Experiment with the features:
    1. GradientEdit image for email
    2. Play with brightness and contrastCreate image foe email header
    3. Change curvesEdit image for newsletter
  3. Save all the changes and customize the image size in the “Download” menu:Email header images

Add this image to your email newsletter template, and enjoy the new face of your campaign:

Email header illustration

Looks much better, right?😉

This is the thing why AtomPark likes – it is fast, easy and free – perfect for email marketing!

Note! Your images should be no larger than 1 MB but try aiming for 100kb or less. So, it is a common thing for an email marketer to resize or convert illustrations for the newsletter. And has a perfect tool for this – free Online Raw Converter. You can convert CR2, NEF, and many other RAW formats.

Try it! It worth your attention!

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Written by: Anastasia Sukhareva