What Was Happening to Email Marketing During 2022?

    by Ira Byvalkevich

     What Was Happening to Email Marketing During 2020?

    We have inquired with marketers about the 2022 email marketing highlights & challenges. Which changes were brought by the pandemic, and what the mailers changed? If you'd like to find out what 2023 email marketing trends will more likely to prevail in the next years: new technologies, content, designs, user data, and other real trends - this article is for you.

    Email Marketing Highlights

    In general, all of these things in 2022 still have some space to grow. Our user load is still solid and email messaging has not ceased to be useful for business. As you can see, email marketing is very much alive and well nowadays. Let’s see why in particular.


    AMP(Accelerated Mobile Pages) for emails is a framework to add interactivity inside email messages. This dynamic email format provides a subset of AMP HTML. Due to it, emails are striving more than ever.


    In 2022 AMP finally changed into a rather familiar and useful tool from a complex toy that it was back in 2019. The cases show that AMP radically changed subscriber engagement - no one scattered about the opportunity to get action from 80-90% of email readers, which means that the technology has a future. More and more examples will appear in 2023. Though AMP will not become the de facto standard, every self-respecting email marketer will use the AMP scenarios and think how to translate them into more profit.


    RFM analysis is an analysis method that allows you to segment customers by frequency and amount of purchases and identifies those customers who bring more money. RFM abbreviation stands for: Recency - how long ago did your customers buy something from you; Frequency - how often they buy from you; Monetary – and how much money they spend.


    Automation and triggered emails will continue to conquer the market - abandoned carts and views have already become the de facto standard. Next year, see an increase in the focus on triggers based on RFM segmentation, especially among those projects that are not suited to various recommendation algorithms.

    Responsive mobile emails

    The truth is that a high proportion of emails are now read from mobile devices first, while on the go. This means that email marketing is likely to evolve into creating mobile-first content, rather than simply mobile-optimized content.

    Mobile will be the default, in simple terms. And the email marketing automation software will evolve to reflect the trend. After all, when you can read and respond to email on your watch, why would you reach for your desktop computer first, eh?

    Customer experience

    Closer relationship with the product and the transfer of customer experience to communications will continue. The brand experiences on third-party platforms such as social media and communications became a part of the global customer experience last year, for which the same metrics and rules are applied. The value of the contact increases significantly, and finally, we can say that the email from the sales channel is nowadays returning to its original task - to maintain communication, build loyalty and increase engagement and awareness. Mind that!


    We are waiting for the growth of omnichannel. Technologically, we were ready for this a couple of years ago, however, no fundamental changes were visible. For the time being, a lot of attention is paid only to chatbots, which is not bad, but there is a feeling that it is not yet the end. Email marketing unites with other marketing types, adding social media, instant messengers, and so on to expand the coverage and get even more communication benefits.

    We also see how email marketing is increasingly intertwined with CRM processes in business every year. It is still not always easy technologically, but without it is already completely impossible from a strategic point of view. An email marketer who does not know and is not interested in how customer service works in his/her company risks losing this profession.


    From now the two trends will work in the email design: the first - call-to-action letters will be simplified, and great importance will be given to the email UX. The number of possible actions in the email will be reduced, and there will be less and less sense of product layouts. Emails will strive to give the main offer and beautifully present several products included in it. The amount of the reader's attention in the message is constantly falling; it will become quite dangerous to pull this attention away from more secondary appeals. Longread messages will remain only in B2B and complex topics such as business literature, etc.


    Content emails and plain-text messaging was another thing to change during 2022. Quarantine has destroyed many trends and tendencies - such as no one reads a lot of information, does not respond to emails, and does not like a text without pictures. Suddenly, it turned out that behind brands and influencers, people miss living people. It seems that it is truly high-quality to provide clear & laconic texts and, what is important, such live content is becoming popular and in demand in the email format too.

    Data protection

    Of course, there is no way without legislative innovations. Data is the new oil, and legislation will rapidly evolve and modernize to protect it. Many new laws come into force in Ukraine, the GDPR in Europe and the initiatives of Russian legislation made life difficult for spammers. At the same time, that is supposed to transfer relations with the client to a new level. Will see.

    New formats & technologies

    AMP & RFM technologies, the use of personalized feeds, the formation of personalized offers within applications and on sites, surveys, and payments within the emails, carousels, and so on - all this became better and took roots during the last year. At the moment, it is clear that in the email channel development requires constant improvement and experiments via new formats & technologies.

    What’s up?

    To the world of revived fantasies, in-depth dynamics, and trends in global email messaging culture, we’ve also added a minimalist design, where everything insignificant fades into the background. AtomPark emails 2022 focused on visuals, maximum interactivity, and realism that evoked an emotional response. And we’ve worked hard, despite the quarantine, to introduce all that and even more for our customers. We updated the program for email newsletters. The new version 9.50 has received a number of necessary functions:

      • New email templates added;
      • A messaging segmentation list option has been implemented;
      • It is possible to send individual attachments according to the selected segmented lists now;
      • Adding gradients in HTML editor fixed;
      • Messaging bugs if paused messaging lists are fixed.

    Download Atomic Mail Sender and test them right away in 2023!


    Modern technologies will open new doors for us in email marketing. We conclude that less and less of a marketer is required to work manually and more and more templates and designs are unified and automated, conversions are automatically pulled up and rebuilt depending on different scenarios, at least all have gone omnichannel. And finally, an invaluable human resource begins to be used for its intended purpose. Already today, in most cases, email marketers are more likely to implement and innovate with design & texts rather than coding and coming up with themes, complex layouts and this trend will also continue.

    With more changes, highlights & trends, welcome in the comments below.


    Written by:
    Ira Byvalkevich
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