How dangerous is your email database? Caution toxic!

    by Irina Podorvan
    Verify email list The quality of the database determines 80% of the success of an email campaign because even a perfect email will not help if the addresses are “bad”. We suggest taking a test and checking how good your mailing list is. And also we’ll tell what pitfalls lie in the process of collecting the base and how exactly they affect the results of the campaign.

    Lists are alive. Lists are aging or “Bad boys” in your email database

    In every mailing base, there are “dead souls” that spoil the sender's reputation. Among them:
    • Duplicate and invalid addresses.
    • Addresses of people who didn't give agreement to receive emails or asked to unsubscribe from the mailing list.
    • Service addresses, such as
    • Emails created for registrations on the site. Often users don't want to "litter" their personal mail with advertising messages, so they have a separate address that they don't check.
    • Temporary addresses for registrations on sites. These are provided by the public and often free services on the Internet.
    • "Old" emails. Generally, as older a contact is, as higher the possibility that the user has forgotten the mailbox. It is worth analyzing the actions of subscribers so as not to send the emails in vain.
    • Spam traps. These are addresses that are designed to track unwanted traffic and identify its source.
    • Addresses with typos. The human factor cannot be ruled out. The user could simply write the wrong letter, and you already have a minus at the sender's karma.
    Verify email addresses As you can see, a mailing list is not just a canvas with recipient addresses, it is a whole world with different residents, and not everyone is friendly to you. You can get everyone back in, it's enough just to know everything about mailing lists and how they affect the sales. Fortunately, you have us and a quick guide on why list quality is so important.

    How does the quality of the email base affect sales?

    The mailing list is the foundation of your campaign. By sending an email to a low-quality database, you launch a chain of 33 misfortunes, or rather 4 of them:
    1. Bounce Rate growth is the percentage of subscribers who did not receive emails because the provider returned them.
    1. Deterioration of the sender's reputation. Sender reputation is a measure of the quality of email campaigns based on frequency, scale, and engagement with subscribers. Depending on the results of these characteristics, providers decide whether to deliver mails to recipients or not. For internet providers, it is important to know how reliable you are. They are the ones who decide whether the letters will be in "Unsorted", "Spam", or your IP can be blocked. Providers take into account the quality of the database of email addresses, the frequency of mailings, the reaction of subscribers to letters.
    1. Increasing the rate of getting into spam emails. If the database is compiled in bad faith, even your real subscribers won't receive the emails.
    1. Domain blocking. If your domain is blocked, then sending emails becomes impossible. All your work on the preparation of the newsletter will go down the drain.
    To avoid this, you need to responsibly approach the mailing list and check its quality.

    Email base: Does it need verification?

    Regardless of how the contact list is obtained, it is possible to contain invalid addresses. Sending such emails “undermines” the sender's reputation and eats up the budget. But if you check the base before sending, then the loss of reputation and funds are not threatened for you.
    Email address verification system is a smart software that downloads the list in real-time and cleans it of invalid emails.
    Checking the address list provides:
    • Bounce Rate support within the normal range - 2%;
    • a good reputation of the sender and increasing the trust of providers;
    • communication with real recipients, which means an increase in conversion.
    Your future success depends on the quality of your list. Let's check if your mailing base is going to fail or take off.

    Test "How dangerous is your email database?"

    Answer 7 simple questions and find out what the mailing list promises for you.


    I hope you are happy with your results and your email list helps you succeed. If not, do not despair, but try to improve your knowledge and skills, and we will help you with it.

    Install Atomic Email Verifier and check an unlimited number of email addresses for free during 7 days!

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    Irina Podorvan
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