Bulk SMS for a Startup: How to Organize Business Promotion from Scratch

    by Ira Byvalkevich

    Why is SMS one of the best promotion options?

    It is difficult to start a new business. Even if you already have the experience, each project is unique and still requires original solutions. There are a number of tools that have proven their effectiveness more than once. SMS messaging is one of them. Sending SMS helps the business to quickly interact and convert the target audience into customers, which is approved by 20 years of experience in the Atomic SMS services.

    After analyzing the success of 285,000 customers, how a business makes money from bulk SMS campaigns the AtomPark Software team provides a short guide to launching the first campaigns. In this article, you will discover how to apply SMS as an effective tool for business promotion from the start.

    Unlike SMM, email, PPP and paid advertising, the lack of the Internet for the user is not an obstacle to receiving SMS on time. BUT this is far from the main reason for the popularity of SMS. SMS marketing is a marketing pioneer that has been gaining momentum over the last years, over & over again. It’s still one of the oldest proven advertising tools ever.

    5 reasons why a business chooses SMS messaging

    Millions will find out about you from a single SMS. Brand awareness grows in the first place. Among them, there will certainly be your potential customers. That is, even those who rarely open their email boxes and do not watch ads on the Internet will not be able to miss your ads from SMS. Therefore, SMS will help to reach the maximum audience both in your city and throughout the country, as well as globally if you set a goal. Here are 5 more objectives to use SMS campaigns alongside any other promotion means you chose:

    1. Small expenses

    2. Atomic SMS Sender pricing starts at $25.00.There is also a free version. So,  you may always use a free trial. Also, SMS does not require impressive preparation costs. Unlike, for example, an email newsletter, you do not have to pay extra to a designer to prepare an HTML template (which is about $100). SMS is simpler and more marginal. You only need to pay the SMS service for sending messages and no more costs. For example, sending out up to 5000 numbers via Atomic SMS costs only about $60.

    3. High-speed performance

    4. Users open SMS faster after receiving. And then it all depends on the text of your message and the profitability of the offer itself. But the main advantage is that, unlike email, which people don't always read right away, a mobile message rarely goes unnoticed.

    5. A direct hit to the target audience

    6. It is easier to get to the target audience using SMS messages than, for example, using advertising in social media, other networks or search engines. For this your audience should be on the Internet, but what about the rest? Huge corporate clients are often offline. The correct ad settings are very important here, which is difficult for a beginner to choose.

      SMS is easier. If you collect a database of contacts yourself, then already warm up the leads who are somehow interested in your product, you make them subscribe to your messaging list in no time. Also, many SMS messaging services provide the ability to send messages to the bases of operators, where your contacts are segmented.

    7. Easy analytics

    You don't have to deal with complex analytics. All you need to calculate conversions is to look at the number of delivered messages and the number of people who actually used the services.

    All this is achieved if you choose the right messaging tool. One of the most optimal messaging tools in terms of price/quality ratio is Atomic SMS Sender. Consider how to launch the first SMS campaign using it.

    SMS for beginners: how to start?

    Using the Atomic SMS Sender as an effective messaging tool will save your time & efforts for the very first campaign. Let’s consider how to practically prepare for the first bulk SMS campaign.

    The success of SMS mailing depends on how well you know your client. Who is your potential buyer? Find out the interests, needs of your target audience and make portraits of key groups.

    • Prepare a contact database

    It is extremely important here to obtain a client base. To do this, offer to fill out a questionnaire/client card or place a subscription form for SMS on the website. In Atomic SMS constructor, you can compose and copy its code to the page for free. When sending SMS to such a database, no one can accuse you of spam or violation of processing personal information terms.

    • Segment an Address book

    Sort out your contacts by the registration date, interests, place of residence, gender. So you will increase the relevance of the offer in the text of SMS, creating a separate notification for each group.

    • Compose SMS text

    For 20 years of our expertise we’ve come up with a universal functional formula for making up SMS. If you adhere to the universal formula, then it will not be difficult. Here's a great illustration of how the company fits into the formula:

    sms formula

    An advertising SMS should consist of: a Greeting, the recipient's Name, the Offer, a Call to Action and your Contacts.

    • Launch SMS campaign

    After all settings are done, you may easily create your SMS campaign by clicking on a single button. With Atomic SMS Sender the process is fully automated, easily controlled, and the results are measured as per you parameters set. After the process is finished, you get detailed reports. For detailed instructions, watch our SMS tutorial:


    The Atomic SMS Sender campaign launch checklist:

    • Register in Atomic SMS service and create your personal account.
    • Download recipients' phone numbers or enter them manually.
    • Create the text of the message.

    Click «Send», and it's all done!


    Bulk SMS messaging is a rapidly developing technology and a tool that is still in marketing vogue. SMS messaging is an effective and inexpensive way to get noticed by potential clients. SMS helps the business to quickly convert the target audience into customers, which is approved by the Atomic SMS services’ 20-year experience. This promotion method is so popular because:

    • Allows you to connect with millions of customers.
    • Works quickly. Users read SMS within the first 5 seconds after receiving.
    • It is inexpensive. For example, sending 5000 numbers in Atomic SMS costs around $60 only.
    • Precisely hits the target audience.
    • Payback is easy to analyze, etc.

    Start your first SMS with Atomic SMS right now! Atomic SMS Sender will meet your expectations in all SMS matters. It can save you time and money, both startups and solid businesses may benefit from it. It doesn’t matter to the free bulk SMS service how many text messages you want to send out.

    Send personalized messages all over the world, and deliver them in not more than a few minutes with Atomic SMS Service
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    Ira Byvalkevich
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