How to Segment Email List to Increase CTR

    by Ira Byvalkevich

    how to increase ctr

    According to HubSpot, “marketers who use segmented campaigns note as much as a 760% increase in revenue.” In email marketing, dividing a database into groups is called segmentation. Everyone’s looking for the top criteria for email segmentation that ensures a high CTR (click-through rate) for your email campaigns. When you take into account target groups, the emails will be more specific: you will talk about what is interesting to each person & increase your email open rates. 

    What’s CTR?

    Your subscribers can be divided into groups to increase the effectiveness of messages. Delivra gives an average email click-through rate of 3.57% across all business sectors. But how to calculate CTR?

    CTR indicator shows the percentage of users who pressed a call to action button, picture or link, etc. included into your email. A usual CTR calculation formula for Emails: CTR=Number of Clicks/Number of Delivered Emails (sent-bounces) Х 100%. By calculating the indicator, you can objectively understand which email best motivates the user to click on it.


    email ctr


    Segmentation of your email list allows you to understand who the target audience of your email campaign is and what might resonate with those people with the maximum use. 

    Email segmentation is an effective marketing strategy that can increase your email open rates by 203%.

    How to get your Email Click-Through Rate higher?

    A high CTR score means that your emails are good enough to motivate people to click on them. In other words, an effective text means your message is aimed at the right people and is attractive enough that a large percentage of viewers will want to click on what’s inside. 

    Conversely, a low score often means your messages are not suitable for your target audience. Thus, if you are testing a new email or SMS and the CTR for it drops, you need to analyze the campaign and change some parameters. 

    There are many ideas on how to segment your subscribers in order to increase open rates, clicks, and conversion of emails. Let’s pick ideas from the best email marketing practices, proven & effective for dynamic email campaigns.

    Learn the Email Segmentation ABCs

    The practice of dividing your email lists into different parts or segments is a strategy you should master. Only then, you may tailor unique texts for your email messages to each individual segment, either people or corporations. Learn about the challenges that your target audience may face and the reason why they look for solutions in emails. Make it your priority in the first place. Besides, choose the right tool, learn instructions, rules & standards of work to set up the server, segmentation parameters and types to launch email messaging successfully

    Carefully Choose Your Segmentation Type

    Email marketers are more likely to use these six segmentation types:

    • By activity

    Here the Subject line is: Thanks for joining us. The email template is designed according to the users activities, based on their behaviour research.

    activity segment

    • Geographic area

    geo targeted

    Needless to say that you may create the invitation email designed to promote a particular event in a particular geographic area, for example, L.A. You may add animation as a non-standard solution in choosing an email template for such mailings.

    • Purchase history

    purchase history

    “You may also like...” box is used to recommend further purchases based on recently viewed items or/and the items put on cart during previous purchasing sessions. How convenient!

    • By preference

    segmented email

    National Geographic is a way too specific resource focused on a narrow audience with peculiar preferences and sophisticated knowledge. To apply email by preference is their primary choice in email campaigns.

    • By life cycle



    This email is sent offering hotel deals a second time, with a different format.

    • By age and gender

    Nike, for example, sends an email marketing campaign with a sports bras selection which would appeal to the company’s female gender segment, middle-aged audience:

    female email

    Here’ an email sample not just for a female audience, but for girls:

    gender email

    You may also segment based on RFM analysis. RFM-based segmentation is an integrated approach that takes into account 3 indicators at once: 

    1. When was the last purchase made? 
    2. How often the customer makes purchases. 
    3. Purchase volumes. 

    rfm analysis

    •  Active clients - buy often and a lot of things.
    •  Prospective clients - they are interested but purchase things averagely. 
    • Just started using the services - they visit the site but rarely buy anything. 
    • Those who lost the interest, etc.

     For each segment, separate messages are sent: for active clients - aimed at heating up interest and keeping it, for "sleeping" – reactivation, etc.

    How to use RFM analysis in email marketing? An example:

    Loyal subscribers who have already made 3 purchases are sent emails motivating customers for feedback. After 8 campaigns for each base segment, you calculate the results to analyse with RFM email marketing metrics. They may look like that:

    matrix rfm


    Adjust the Email Content

    Both potential and existing clients are looking for different solution types and occupy different positions in their companies. They focus on the tagline of the message to scan what’s in it, to find what they prefer. By dividing the list by these criteria, you can divide users into smaller groups based on the data available, on their preferences. 

    These data should be used not only to select the optimal technical solution but also during your email segmentation, to nail email content. Remember that people get so many emails that if they’re not sure who an email from & what it’s all about, they may not open it. 

     Here’s a sample of a classy themed email with a well-adjusted content:


    Segment & Personalize

    Personalization is also important. It is among the most proven ways to boost email marketing click rates. We’re not just talking about using people’s names or company brands in email subject lines and the body of the email, but about using the data you have about your subscribers to tailor the email marketing experience. Again, pushing on an individual preference will produce a higher effect. Test the threads of different lengths. Since users are viewing emails on mobile devices, it may be decided to use a subject of about 30 characters.

    Do not Forget to Ask for the Opt-In

    “By submitting this form, you agree to receive email marketing from My Company,” etc. In email marketing, we call that an opt-in. The first step is to make sure that people opt-in to get your emails without any oppression. You ask them if they really need to get any insights from you. Then they form your client base, which is quite natural. Moreover, to offer an “Unsubscribe” button is also a good manner. 

    In the Atomic Sender messaging tool you may automatically add a link to unsubscribe. If the user clicks on it, the program will automatically remove it from the list of mailing recipients:


    Arrange Tests

    It's not easy to create relevant content for every segment. You need to prioritize and decide which content will have the best impact on your bottom line. You cannot quickly develop content for different segments. You need to be patient and prepare for the numerous changes and edits, without which you will not be able to improve quality. Provide A\B test for your text messages. 

    Build Trust

    Become a reputable sender. The task of marketers is to select the appropriate services for each group of potential customers, depending on their interests. That’s how you make a reputation to them as someone trusted, picky, and tailor-made. This information came when users download content or contact consultants by phone to detail their needs, etc. Use it to the fullest. Take a slightly more personal approach when needed, or combine the name of the sender with the name of the company.

    Choose the Best Solution

    The main challenge is to find an automation solution provider capable of delivering smooth lead generation campaigns. Atomic Software provides many useful tools for Email marketing, SEO, analytics, and more, also integrates them into a single solution, personalized and nailed for your campaigns. With Atomic Email Sender, it’s fast & easy.

    The tools may be embedded in any platform. Email campaigns will need less time to drive leads after the first upload of content because the process is fully automated. When implementing the software solution, you get an opportunity to segment the audience in many ways, rather than using a single email list all the time which is not effective enough. Even if you use an acquired client base, segment them in groups to provide messages based on user interests.

    How to set up  emailing list segmentation in Atomic Mail Sender

    In Atomic Mail Sender, it’s quick & easy to set up segmentation.

    So, to start your segmentation configuring with your receivers list, go to the "Recipients" section.


    After that, pick the criteria. This means to select the column of your list that will equalize the rule:


    Next, you should select the rule and indicate the value:



    Or you may also apply several rules at  once like here:


     You may always use filtering by all rules, or by one suitable rule provided by the program:


    Add attachments through segmentation if needed. You may send images, special coupons, and other documents, etc. Do it for individually selected groups of recipients:


    Your general list of added segmentation will be  displayed in a pop-up list below the menu:


    After the segmentation is set up, you may edit it and make the changes by clicking on the "pencil" icon if necessary:


    Also, save your segmentation list via the appropriate option. To do this, click the "Save mailing list" button on the menu:


    To copy your list, click the "Copy current segment to new one" button:


     Delete the segment by using the "Delete current segment" button:


    When your mailing list segmentation is saved, the program will create two files: txt and txt.meta. The txt.meta segmentation list is automatically imported after you add the saved mailing list (1.txt).


    If you want to add the segmentation to a scheduled task, first save the mailing list using the "Save distribution list" button, and after that attach the saved results to the list of your recipients to the new task scheduled. Apply segmentation in scheduled campaigns by clicking the Tasks button. Voila!

    See, it doesn’t take much time and effort.

    To Sum Up

    Segmentation makes your messages point-to-point and more efficient. Conveniently, segments can be selected once and then used continuously. You can segment your contact base in different ways. Email marketers are more likely to use the proven practices to increase their rates: segmentation by geographic area, gender, and age, by activity or preferences, etc. 

    Atomic Mail Sender is a multifunctional and easy to use tool for sending emails. To set up segmentation in Atomic Mail Sender is fast & easy. For this, you need to install the program, upload the client base, set up the segmentation parameters & launch your email campaign.

    Segment to reach your target audience via email quick, easy and safe with Atomic Mail Sender!


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