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Small and Midsize Business: Email List Building and Newsletter Optimization Statistics

Hey guys, Hope you’re doing super! Small and midsize companies (SMB, small and midsize businesses) are the best email marketing players. Do you want to know why? Because such companies are really interested in customers, leads (check our latest Lead Extractor) – they make their email campaigns as perfect as they can. I call it […]

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4 Steps to Optimize Email’s Call-2-Action. Tricks included!

Hi guys! Email marketing is email marketing, but it’s nothing without a good call-2-action, which is a core element of each and every mailing campaign. Let’s see 4 main aspects of call-2-action element – Design, Colors, Placement and Metrics. Few words about each of them + advice Enjoy! Design. Large or small? Picture or a […]

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Getting Leads in 2012 – Tips and List of Lead Generators

Hi guys, Hope you’re doing great! We all know how leads are important – this is one of the most precious things in E-marketing. You should respect leads, as this is your key to mass sales. Today I would like to provide you with 6 lead generation tips and a list of lead generators. Hope […]

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Corporate Social Media Marketing Investments and Plans 2012

Hey guys, Hope you’re doing great! Here are 4 charts and statistics on corporate social media marketing investments and plans for 2012. As you will see 2/3 of companies are going to increase their social media presence!

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Whitelists and new features of StaffCop 5.0

AtomPark Software announces StaffCop 5.0 release. StaffCop Standard is corporate security, data loss prevention and monitoring software. StaffCop Standard allows you to monitor all activities on company computers and prevent the unauthorized distribution of sensitive corporate information. StaffCop supports real-time monitoring, data harvesting, statistics on employee or user activities, launched application monitoring, visited websites monitoring, […]

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Made a Mistake in the Email Campaign? Top 6 Tips on How to Save the Situation.

Hi guys, Hope you’re doing great! Let’s talk about mistake this time, email marketing mistakes. Human factor remains human factor and everyone can make a mistake in the email marketing campaign. This could be wrong discount %, wrong offer provided to your list, grammar mistakes, and so on. We learn from mistakes so it’s OK. […]

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Mobile Email Usage is Up almost 30%

Mobile Email Usage is up for almost 30% – this is the data of USA users, who used their mobile phones to access email from Nov 2010 to Nov 2011.  What does it mean? It means email marketers should pay more attention to optimizing their mailings for different mobile phones and mobile platforms and browsers. […]