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Whitelists and new features of StaffCop 5.0

AtomPark Software announces StaffCop 5.0 release. StaffCop Standard is corporate security, data loss prevention and monitoring software. StaffCop Standard allows you to monitor all activities on company computers and prevent the unauthorized distribution of sensitive corporate information. StaffCop supports real-time monitoring, data harvesting, statistics on employee or user activities, launched application monitoring, visited websites monitoring, […]

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Made a Mistake in the Email Campaign? Top 6 Tips on How to Save the Situation.

Hi guys, Hope you’re doing great! Let’s talk about mistake this time, email marketing mistakes. Human factor remains human factor and everyone can make a mistake in the email marketing campaign. This could be wrong discount %, wrong offer provided to your list, grammar mistakes, and so on. We learn from mistakes so it’s OK. […]

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Mobile Email Usage is Up almost 30%

Mobile Email Usage is up for almost 30% – this is the data of USA users, who used their mobile phones to access email from Nov 2010 to Nov 2011.  What does it mean? It means email marketers should pay more attention to optimizing their mailings for different mobile phones and mobile platforms and browsers. […]

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4 Tips on How to run Social Updating the Right Way

Hey Guys, Hope you’re doing great! Today I would like to talk about social updating and provide you with 4 tips on how to run social updating the right way – making your subscribers happy, satisfied and asking for more. Nowadays all the companies have Facebook pages, Twitter channels, and accounts on other social networking […]

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Top 3 Email Marketing Trends for 2012 – Relevancy, Triggered Emails and Personalization 2.0

Hey guys, Hope you’re doing great and started this year like a boss! Time to get back to email campaigns and see how year 2012 is going to change rules of email marketing and make it look experienced, not older! Today I would like to describe Top 3 Email Marketing Trends for 2012 – no […]

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Back to the Roots in 2012 – TOP 15 Lead-Generators that Work Best


Hey Guys, Hope you’re doing great and had great NY party! Usually I discuss trends and modern techniques in the beginning of the new year, but this time I would like to return to the roots, the basics of digital marketing – Leads. We all know how leads are important – that’s the one of […]

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AtomPark wishes You a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Dear clients, readers, fans, followers, friends, We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Let these holidays and the coming year give us all more strength, power, will and happiness so we all can reach new heights and horizons. We are so happy to produce good software for great people – for You! […]