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    11 things to know about email marketing
    21 samples of messages for texting. Increase sales with simple texts
    500+ Spam Words that Could Send Your Mail List into Spam

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    Primary, Promotions or Spam? How to get to the right Gmail folder

    Each marketer dreams of “Primary” and is afraid of “Spam”. In this article we tell you some tricks how to make emails hitting into Primary, Promotions and Spam.

    The Best Time to Send Emails (Backed by Expert Research)

    Email marketing isn’t simple. To start a mass mailing campaign you should take into account many factors. For example, the quality of mailing base, email’s content and the most appropriate time to start the mass mailing campaign. Read the article to know what hours, day and month are the best for sending emails.

    How to create promo emails that increase sales

    Email marketing gives a great opportunity to communicate with clients personally. You can inform them or promote goods in email. In the case of the newsletter is perfect, the customer makes a purchase. Read the article and we reveal the secrets of crafting a promo email that sells.

    Mailing laws and regulations that you should remember forever

    Mass mailing is a very important tool in your marketing strategy. With its help brands are able to communicate with customers and to convey your values. But whatever you do, you need to remember about main email marketing rules, such as compliance with the law spam and spam rules. Read this article, and you will know what is canspam and how to create your strategy due to marketing regulations. Email marketing rules you need to follow There is a number of laws governing email that guide the use of email marketing for commercial purposes. It’s the U.S. CAN-SPAM act, the […]

    500+ Spam Words that Could Send Your Mail List into Spam

    The words you use directly affect your mailing results. So, let’s consider how to get rid of spam words to reduce spam complaints and increase the deliverability of your emails in your next email campaigns.

    Top 12 Email Marketing Tutorials That Really Help

    Do you want to start your own business, but don’t know how to make your email campaign successful? Or you have made email advertising but have no feedback. Don’t worry! We have good news for you. Catch the moment and read the list of the most useful and important articles, that will help you to improve your communication with the clients. Are you ready? GO!

    How to Choose Email Parser and Not to Waste Money. Infographics

    In email marketing parsing is widely applied to make it effective, and the email parsing software is widely sought after by experienced marketers. Why choosing an email parser to save your time and money? Go on to find that out.

    Geo-Targeted Text Message Campaigns

    Geo-fencing in SMS marketing is the key to reach your target audience and engage many new leads. Have you ever thought that you can send bulk text messages to the clients when they pass near your business location? Read about how to use Geo-targeting SMS campaigns in mobile marketing: definition, tips and cases.

    How to Choose Mass Mailing Software and Not to Waste Money. Infographics

    How to choose an effective tool for mail parsing & mass mailing when there is no one to help you with the nuances? Explore the infographics on the top criteria for choosing your ideal mailing solution with us right away!

    How to Avoid Emails Going to Spam: Top Tips from Email Marketer

    And e-mailing campaigns are still one of the most powerful tools. However, there are always some recipients in your contact base that may mark your letters as spam. Why? In this article, we will find out why emails get into spam and how to avoid that.

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