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Save Money Using Internet: 4 Hot Techniques

From work to play, much of our time is spent on the internet. Here are a few easy techniques to use the web to save money on some of your everyday tasks. 1. Going to the Movies Night at the movies for family of four: $60.00 Cost of 8 movies per year (national average): $480.00 […]

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Modern Credit Score Myths and Facts

Your credit score is an integral part of your financial life and financial success. It is important that you understand what it’s all about. Lenders, landlords, insurers, utility companies and even employers look at your credit score like girls look at your shoes and your car. It is derived from what’s in your credit reports, […]

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Marketing Podcasting Techniques 2009: You can do it!

I am so happy to see more and more of internet marketers and just entrepreneurs take an interest in podcasting! I have always been big believer of online videos (I have great experience in video promotion on Youtube and similar video sharing services), and using digital content to reach the eyes, hearts, and minds of […]

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Job Techniques 2009: Be Invited for Interviews!

Once the application has been sent and the resume received the next thing that should happen is that the employer will be calling to test communication skills by means of an interview.  Allowing yourself to be given the option on which employer is best fitting the applicant is one characteristic of being pro-active.  Consider being […]

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WoW and Second Life are still used for Money Laundering. How?

Mafia uses Skype for secure calls and online games for money laundering. Even FBI is searching for criminals in online worlds. How does Internet inspire criminal activities? The online virtual world is a 3D computer-based online role playing game and/or environment. The game takes place online and can have thousands of people playing simultaneously with […]

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Google’s Friend Connect 2009 – a Widget or a Service?

Google’s Friend Connect generated a lot of buzz in the market as soon as it was launched as private beta (do not doubt Google’s brand value). Very few people could actually play with it in the initial days. However, now, it is available for installation on your website or blog. But, what does it really […]

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How To Build Friendly 404-Not-Found Page?

404-Page-Not-Found…. Does this image look familiar? Yes, it is the default 404 page shown in IE when a file or page is not found in your server. Did you know that many web hosting companies allow you to customize your 404 page?  Most serious webmasters are already doing this for their company websites. Why does […]