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Sharing our weekly ezine headlines at your site

Would you like to have the latest e-commerce news on your website? Now you can have it without any problems. Our regular news headlines are available and can be placed on any website by using RSS syndication or through JavaScript.

When selecting RSS format, you need to have RSS file parser. The freeware versions of these programs can be found on the Internet easily, for example, at Keep in mind, that you have extra opportunities to make the format of the news completely transparent, meaning being fully integrated with your website design. Using RSS format you should link your script to the following XML file:

Selecting JavaScript frees you of doing anything, other than pasting a small script in the HTML code of your page. The rest is done automatically. Using JavaScript format you should paste the following code into the source of your page:

<script language=JavaScript src=>

Website requirements

The websites that display headlines from our news must not have any illegal or offensive content (pornographic and warez sites). You website must not offend our products/services or other companies.