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How email marketing helps lead a customer through the sales funnel

Sales funnel

Curious how email marketing helps lead a customer through the sales funnel? — it’s high time to find it out.

comments 07.09.2021 Diana Oborska @ Email Marketing

What is sender’s reputation and how to save it

What is sender reputation

Sender reputation is important. If you want to succeed in mass mailing, you should care about it. Read the article and find out how to save it and get email hitting into Inbox.

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How to Collect Email Addresses of all Your Facebook Friends in 10 Seconds

Find email from Facebook profile

Read this article to find out the ways of how to find extract email addresses from Facebook. You will learn some easy and fast methods. How to export contacts from Facebook friends’ list. How to find email addresses of your target audience from Facebook with the help of special software.

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What is an email list

Email list building

An email list is a key to a successful email campaign. Read the article to find out what is it, how to create it, and keep it in order for a long time.

comments 18.08.2021 Ira Byvalkevich @ Email Marketing

How to warm up the domain before mass mailing

warmup min

In the case you use a new domain where no mailings have been ever launched previously, or a domain that has not been used for a long time, you need to warm it up. The truth is that when you start sending email campaigns with a new domain or new IP addresses, email services consider […]

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How Covid19 has changed email marketing


COVID-19 has greatly affected the world of business. It caused a huge wave of digitalization among offline enterprises, and additionally emphasized the need for improvements in communication among the digital ones. The life of every company & customers during the pandemic underwent certain necessary changes like employees switching to remote work, working more productively from […]

comments 30.07.2021 Diana Oborska @ Email List Building, Email Marketing

Email verification. What is it and how to check whether email is valid

email is valid

If you are into email marketing, then you are probably working with subscriber bases and trying to avoid bad email addresses. An email address database is a list of recipients to whom you send emails. In other words, it is the basis of emailing, because the quality of email depends on whether it will get […]