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Delivery and Deliverability: The Best Practices

Email deliverability

Email marketing is the new hit thing about e-commerce. Connecting with your audience, informing and communicating with them personally through emails is definitely a golden way to boost your business.
This article will help you realize the importance of email checker, email validator and email verification tool in your business.

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Top 10 tips for making your email marketing more effective


There are about ten metrics for emails you may find in marketing, however, not all of them are of special interest, yet that depends on your marketing goals. With top 10 tips for email marketing you will handle them easier.

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11 things to know about email marketing

11 things to know about email marketing (mimiature)

The main task of every marketer is to give subscribers what they need now and in a form that will be accessible and understandable to every person. Read the article and find out 11 life hacks that will save more than one email campaign.

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How smart is your e-mail marketing campaign?


If you do not know what email marketing metrics analytics is, then you are welcome! Read the article and find out how to make your newsletter 50% better.

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Pop-up window: How to sell with its help


Pop-up ads or the so-called pop-ups are forms of online advertising on the Internet, which are often used in digital marketing. How to make a successful pop up ad may be quite a breathtaking experience. So, discover more about pop-up types & how to apply them so that to increase conversion.

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The problem of image-based newsletters: Cool but Spammy


Image-only emails are rather risky. But why a majority of the brands ignore this fact? Just look in your inbox. Are they so brave sending such newsletters or maybe they use some secret knowledge, hidden from the ordinary email marketer?
Well, it could be until today, because we are going to analyze all the pros and cons of using the image-based newsletters in business.

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Email Marketing Statistics and Measuring Tools

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In the case you need some more insights on the most important email analytics & metric, as well as effective tools for measuring, look through the latest list of KPIs in an incredible infographics that help you to always evaluate the work of your mailings.