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Email Collector. How to extract email and create mailing lists

Sub title: Learn how you can automatically extract email addresses from files and CDs

In the first part of the article we talked about email marketing in general and creating mailing lists in particular. One of the sources to gather relevant email addresses is the Internet, and Atomic Email Hunter is a program that lets you do this. But the Internet is not the only source. Your computer may be a great source to get email addresses. Surprised? Don't be. I have a friend who runs his own gaming website. He is totally crazy about games, keeps upgrading his computer about once a month, and has over 200 games installed on his machine. He started a small game reviews website as a hobby but the website kept growing more and more popular, so he decided to turn his hobby into business.

The only way to make money off a gaming website is to sell games or ad space. So, he needed to contact game manufacturers first. It took him about tree days to look through every game he had installed to find appropriate email addresss. He could have done it in minutes, if he had Atomic Email Logger.

Email Collector screenshotAtomic Email Logger is a program that is designed to gather emails from your files. It can do it with virtually any type of file - text, HTML, graphics, even executable files! Great software for office managers, HR and marketing departments, editors, journalists and other professionals.

Another great source of e-mail addresses are CDs. Most databases, directories, address books now come on CDs. You probably purchased some of those at trade shows. Let's say you have a heavy construction machinery leasing company. You can purchase a CD that contains addresses of all construction companies in your county or state, and most of them will have e-mails listed. Then you can buy software that will gather email addresses from your CD automatically.

Atomic CD Email Extractor is one of such programs. All you have to do is to insert a CD and the program will do the rest automatically. The program is small but very handy. It is a great tool for anyone who uses various directories for marketing their products. But it can be used for other purposes as well. A lot of people back up their e-mails on CDs. If you lost your address book and need to recover e-mail addresses, you can use this software, instead of coping and pasting each email address manually.

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