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Bullet-Proof Web Hosting

Bullet Proof Hosting is a special type of hosting meant for people who want to promote their product, service on their web site by sending Commercial and Bulk Emails. As well known, Email Marketing has emerged as one of the most effective and economical marketing tool. It gives you the power to broadcast your message to millions of prospects across the world and it works!

But, do not ever ever advertise your email address and/or your web site through Bulk Emails if you do not have Bullet Proof Web Hosting. Under normal hosting your web site shall be closed in no time ! No matter how long you have been with them, how much you are paying them, or how beautiful your site is?

If you want to send bulk emails you must have Bullet Proof Web Hosting. Now you might ask: "Whats so special in Bullet Proof Hosting which is not in my Hosting? My Web host is world's no 1 ISP"?

Thats a BIG question and here is an answer! Once you advertise your Web Site or Email Address in Bulk Emails, all the Anti Spammers (many and growing very fast) in the world will start complaining your Web Host. No wonder that your host gets twice the response from your mailings, not from prospects but from Anti Spamming organisations. These Anti Spammers are such experts that they horrify the Web Hosts with their threats and finally forcing your Web Host to shut down your web site or Dedicated Server in no time. You must have heard of ISPs closing accounts coz of complaints.

The fact is that no Web Host wants to shut down any account, but, laws in US and ever growing Anti Spammers have effected the thinking and attitude of Web Hosts.

Where do I find 'Bullet Proof Web Hosting'? There are Bullet Proof Hosts who would charge thousands of dollars and still quit. We hereby recommend a reliable and economical link to such a site at the end of this newsletter.

What you should look in a Bullet Proof Web Host?

  • Experience in the Web Hosting Industry.
  • Server Infrastructure
  • Such a host must and must have already hosted a lot many Bullet Proof Web Sites.
  • Above all Reliable and Economical.

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