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Atomic Email Verifier - software for keeping your mailing lists updated

Mailing lists are just like anything else in this world - they need to be maintained and updated regularly, otherwise they become less effective. Here is something to think about - the average life span of an e-mail account is anywhere between 6 months to 2 years. People switch work, change their providers, websites shut down regularly, companies go out of business. If you purchased a mailing list a year ago with 1000 active addresses, expect 5 - 15% of them to be "dead" by now.

If you gather email addresses yourself from your website, you probably noticed that a large chunk of them are either completely meaningless (such as kate!@$aol,com) or contain errors and typos (such as htomail instead of hotmail or .ocm instead of .com).

As a marketer, you need to get rid of "dead" e-mails from your existing lists and prevent invalid e-mails from making it to your new mailing lists for two reasons. The first reason is the cost of bandwidth - why pay for e-mails that will never be looked at? The second reason is statistics garbling - invalid e-mails lower your ROI values and mislead you about you campaign effectiveness.

Atomic Email VerifierAtomic Mail Verifier (AMV) is a software that can do all these things for you for less then $40. Best of all, there is a free trial version that lets you get familiar with it before you pay any money. To get rid of the bad ("dead") e-mail addresses, Atomic Mail Verifier goes through these three steps:

  • It looks through your list and checks for bad syntax (addresses like;

  • Then AMV looks for non-existing domains (such as;

  • Finally, AMV connect to all valid domains and tests whether the actual e-mail address is valid and active. The final step requires SMTP connection and takes quite a bit of time. So if you have tens of thousands of addresses, you might want to do this overnight or split your mailing list into smaller parts to spread the job evenly over a period of time.

Importantly, Atomic Mail Verifier is fully integrated with other mass-mailing software tools form AtomPark Software. So you can use our extracting software to gather email addresses, pass them through Atomic Mail Verifier and send your message to the remaining active addresses with Atomic Mail Sender. The whole operation takes only about an hour and you will start getting the results immediately.

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