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Do it yourself - software for a complete cycle of bulk email marketing

The major reason most advertisers select bulk email marketing is that this type of advertising is significantly cheaper than print or TV ads. Over the past few years, this industry grew at double digit rates and became very mature. There are hundreds of companies that will offer you various bulk email marketing services - starting from selling junk e-mail lists and finishing with a complete outsourcing of your email marketing campaign. But if you want to keep the cost of your email marketing campaign low, you would be better off doing the complete cycle - starting from extracting email addresses and finishing with sending out the e-mails in bulk - yourself. Or you can still outsource part of your campaign to a third party, while doing the rest yourself. The software that will help you do it will cost you around $50-150 dollars.

Below is the list of software form that we recommend for running a successful marketing campaign:

Forming a mailing list:

Atomic Email Hunter
AEH is a program that is specially designed to extract email addresses from the Internet. It is fully customizable and you can set your own search parameters, so that the program won't grab just any email address. Atomic Email Hunter can find e-mails anywhere - pages, forums, guestbooks, message boards, etc. Price - $79.85

Atomic Email Logger
AEL is a program that is designed to harvest email addresses from your files. It can do it with virtually any type of file - text, HTML, graphics, even executable files! Great software for office managers, HR and marketing departments, editors, journalists and other professionals. Price - $34.85

Atomic CD Email Extractor
CDs are a great source of email addresses. The program is small but very handy. It is a great tool for anyone who uses various directories for marketing their products. But it can be used for other purposes as well. A lot of people back up their e-mails on CDs. If you lost your address book and need to recover email addresses, you can use this software, instead of coping and pasting each email manually. Price - $29.95

Sending out emails in bulk:

Atomic Mail Sender
AMS is a stand-alone bulk mailer program. All you need to use it is a connection to the Internet. The program has its own internal SMTP server and delivers mail messages directly to email recipients without your ISP mail box. Price - $49.85

Mailing list maintenance:

Atomic Mail Verifier
AMV is a unique program that checks email addresses for the validity. Unlike other email verification programs, AMV uses three levels of verification to ensure you will not lose any valid addresses. This software helps you get rid of "dead" addresses, which saves you bandwidth and, thus, money. Price - $34.85

These are prices for a single copy. When you buy several copies or a combination of different titles, you get a discount. For example, the entire package (Email Hunter, Email Logger and Atomic Mail Sender) for a beginner email marketer is priced only at $103.10. Considering that most email marketers will charge you anywhere form $20 to $200 a month for running your campaign, you can see that it is much cheaper to buy the software and do everything yourself. All of these titles are used successfully by other bulk email marketers. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask them.

Please not, the entire package of these email utilities can be ordered here.

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