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Bulk email marketing resources on the Web

Here is a list of some nice bulk email oriented Web resources. Enjoy!

    This is by far the best e-mail marketing resource. It is a sort of think tank - lots of e-mail marketing articles, fresh updates, latest industry news, reviews, information about seminars, trade expos and so on. So if you feel comfortable reading fairly complicated articles that sometimes resemble research papers, this is a resource for you. The other great advantage is an exceptional staff of writers, all experts in their respective fields. If you never read Clickz, you are missing out on a lot of great information and fresh ideas.

    This is a "hands on" e-mail marketing directory. Here you can find companies that sell all kinds of e-mails lists (opt-in, double opt-in, general, targeted and so on). Also, there are plenty of marketing agencies, creative services, e-mail consultants. Also, if you run a newsletter, you might want to check out ad space and newsletter services section. If your marketing campaign is not limited to e-mails only, here you can read about cost-per-click and online ads. Great resource, indeed!

    Wilsonweb is a more general online advertising resource but you have to dig for information about e-mail marketing. Another great disadvantage and a reason this resource is placed only third, is the fact that most articles are available to the registered users only. Nevertheless, Dr. Ralph Wilson was named "among the best-known publishers and consultants who preach the responsible use of e-mail for marketing" by The New York Times. Dr. Wilson was also featured in Business Week and some other authoritative magazines. Check out marketing software reviews.

    This site belongs to and is tied to a webring of web marketing resources. The one that is of most interest to us is E-mail Marketing Reference Guide. The creators position it as "all the resources you need to help you plan, start, and succeed in e-mail marketing."

    This website is of most interest to individuals and companies that newsletters and e-zines as a primary way to utilize e-mail marketing techniques. This site lets you submit your e-zine to their directory, advertise it, and look at other e-zines. Ezine Universe contains a lot of resources that let you create a more professional and popular newsletter. This is also a great way to buy or rent e-mail lists, since you can see for yourself what the newsletters are.

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