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Prospective Markets for E-Marketing

E-marketing is all about finding a niche and your target audience. These are the decisive factors that determine the overall effectiveness of your campaign. While no advice in real world circumstances can be universal, since there will always be exceptions, there are several markets that promise remarkable returns. Here are just some of them:

  • Teens
    This one you might have heard a lot. In fact, most advertising dollars are spent on catering to two target audiences - young adults and teens. Why are teens so attractive to different businesses? It's simple. First, teens are very self-conscious, which means that they tend to buy the goods their peers buy and avoid the ones that their friends deem "uncool." Which means the teens will advertise and market your goods themselves. Second, teens tend to overconsume. They want to stay hip and the fashion keeps changing, which translates in buying new clothing, music, appliances, games and so on.

  • Women
    It is actually the women who do most buying. Women's haircuts, clothing, and cosmetics are generally several-fold more expensive than the analogous men's goods and services. But beside that women do most shopping for men, too. Look at the supermarket in your neighborhood and you will understand why most ads on TV are intended for women. They buy most juice, coffee, groceries and so on, while we, men, consume them as well. It's women who make the purchasing decisions, so you better keep that in the back, or actually front, of our mind, when developing a new marketing campaign.

  • Teachers and Academic Institutions
    This is a lucrative market as well. First, schools buy bulk. They have hundreds or even thousands of students that need desks, textbooks, computers, and other goods. Second, the merchandisers spend school's money, not their own. Be other side of that is when the budgets are cut, you might lose a bulk of your business, too.

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