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Getting ready for the holiday sales season

Holiday sales are coming up. First, there is Halloween. Then there is Thanks Giving day. And it all wraps up with Christmas. Retailer and e-tailers alike know about the seasonal cycles and that for a lot of companies over 50% of profits are made in the fourth quarter, which coincides with the holiday season.

The research has demonstrated that Internet browsing and e-shopping increases during this time significantly. But be aware - most of that traffic is empty - the people simply compare prices from one site to another. What do you have to do in order to squeeze out the most money from the buyer?

First, you have to tell you prospective buyer that this is a holiday sale. This time of year people don't shop for electric razors, they shop for gifts for their dads and grandfathers. And this is the second idea - tell your visitors that what you sell are really great gifts. Make sure you tell your audience about the feelings people who receive gifts purchased from your website will experience. Then, since you sell online, provide as much information as possible about shipping - limited time free shipping offers are common during holidays, and you will be left behind if you don't offer it. Then, make sure you tell you visitors that overnight shipping is an option too - a lot of people will be doing shopping at the very last moment and if they remember that you offer overnight shipping, they will make a purchase from you, not a competitor.

Now, here are some tips for the newsletter owners. First and foremost - change the design of your newsletter. Add the decor elements that bring the holiday spirit with them. You know all of them - orange colors and Jack O'Lantern for Halloween, turkey and pilgrims for Thanksgiving Day and so on.

Make sure that it is clear that this mailing is a special holiday newsletter and all prices are valid only for a set period of time. And finally, make sure your offer stands out from the crowd of other promotional material people receive during this time of year.

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