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E-mail marketing for small businesses

If you take a look at goods you buy or services you use, you will quickly understand that most of them come from small businesses. Small businesses form a base of any developed economy. Many small business owners took advantage of the early Internet years by going global, significantly increasing their revenues. A few years ago every local paper would write about some regional small business that started selling their goods all over the world - Europe, Australia, Africa, Asia and Latin America. However, there are quite a few businesses that can only be local. Pluming, for example. Or a landscape designing company. It's also tough to go global if you operate a day care. Does this mean that there is no way for these businesses to market themselves online? Most e-mail marketers say - if there is a will, there is a way!

What should you start with? A website, of course. It's rather affordable now to have one. Ok, so what then?

First, start building your mailing list. You probably have business cards of your clients; most of them have e-mails. When there is an important change in your business taking place (relocation, sale, new goods or services offer) - why not let your most loyal customers know about it.

Second - encourage online (and e-mail) orders and questions. Most small businesses do their business in person or over the phone. The best thing about doing your business online is that you can do it any time - day or night.

Third, online media gives you endless opportunities for self-promotion on a local level. A Chinese restaurant offers 5% discount to any person who is on their e-mail lists. The subscribers get a new recipe in their mailbox several times a month. They restaurant owners alsosend coupons and special offers via e-mail.

A small used books store offers its clients sign up for a weekly newsletter that features new additions and reviews a new book each seven days. Whate! ver the business may be - selling used cars, real estate, pet grooming, construction - there is a way to use e-mail for marketing. Here is what your mailbox can be:

  • 24 hour order and helpdesk
  • Your customer relationship builder
  • The most affordable special deals announcer.
  • Great way to attract new customers
  • Your existing clients database.

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