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Branding your message

We live in a new economy. It's all about images, and feelings, and... brands. For the past 20 years right branding is the single most important strategy for successful marketing. That is, unless you are a no-name and want to stay this way. Brand recognition and brand appeal are extremely important. Great brands have loyal customers and advertise themselves, saving you money. Now, how about building online brands? Some companies, like eBay, Yahoo!, Google, Napster, Hotmail, Amazon have become very successful online brands. While these online brands have impressive financial resources and most have off-line advertising budgets, your company can repeat their accomplishments, without all of that.

There are several simple rules to promoting your brand with the help of e-mail.

1. Insert your logo in your messages.
Rich media, namely HTML, allows you to insert any images. Remember, you should not stop at placing a logo. You can use your "corporate colors" in your message templates. Or a picture of your headquarters as a background image. If your company values diversity, and it is a significant part of your brand, you should place pictures of people of different ages, genders and ethnic background.

2. What's the message in your message?
Every brand has a message. Take Marlboro, for example. Cowboys, tough guys smoke these cigarettes. If you want to be just like them, take a puff of Marlboro. Or consider Miller Genuine Draft commercials. The message is clear - young adults drink this beer at nightclubs all over the world. They have active social lives, they are sexy and they have fun. Now, think what the message of your message is. "Ink refilling for 6 dollars" is not a message. Neither is "free shipping for all orders over hundred dollars".

3. Where is the slogan?
Slogans are great. Just do it. Uniting people. Where do you want to go today? A catchy slogan instantly becomes a hit. Your company may or may not have a slogan. If you do, ask yourself a question - is it clearly visible in the body of your message. Is it there at all? Too many marketers forget to include slogans. They think it is not necessary. Don't be one of them.

4. Be a brand.
Good brand is something unique, something that stands out and is impossible to forge and replicate. Good brand is creative, provocative and lively. Can you say that about your e-mail messages?

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