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    7 Best Copywriting Techniques to Boost Email Conversions

    Text of email newsletter make customers believe and do the target action. If the content of email is bad, conversions is low. In this article we’ve collected top tricks to boost conversions. Read it and let your sales boost.

    How Email Marketing Fuels Content Marketing and SEO

    Always better together! It concerns not only people but also different types of marketing channels. Combining SEO, content marketing and email marketing help to growth your business. But it will work only if these parts are used correctly. Read the article and know how to fuel SEO and content marketing with email.

    The best online courses and webinars on digital marketing 2020

    Permanent development, getting new knowledge and improving the skills is the key to professional success. So, Atomic team have decided to share the selection of the best online courses and webinars on digital marketing with you. Read about them, choose the ones you like, and become more powerful specialist.

    How to improve click-through rate in email marketing: 7 useful tips

    The number of people who do the target action is always fewer than the amount of all the receivers. But if this rate is too low the campaign is unsuccessful. Do you want more people to click the links you place to your emails? Then check some useful tips on how to boost clicks. You will get 7 rules that are made to help you understand how to get better response from email marketing.

    How to write apology email to back clients

    Troubles happened. The business isn’t an exception. When something goes wrong, customers feel angry and upset. That’s why it is essential to ask for forgiveness. Read the article and know how to back clients by writing an apology email in the correct way.

    Customer retention won’t cost you a fortune: use email to win back clients

    The main aim for all the businesses nowadays is customer winback because many of them were lost because of the situation with COVID-19. And the majority of entrepreneurs have tight budgets for winning back lost customers as they have sustained losses during quarantine. But how to manage customer retention with minimum costs? Email marketing is the answer! In this article, we will tell you how to launch an email customer retention campaign.

    What Are Visual-Friendly Landing Pages And How To Create Them

    Do you find out how to create your own landing page? You’re in luck, we have tips on how to build it. Read the article and find out how to create visually enticing landing pages that reciprocate the visitor intent of clicking through your email or advertisement.

    21 samples of messages for texting. Increase sales with simple texts

    Sales and relations with customers are a key goal of each entrepreneur. One of the most popular channel for realization this aim is bulk texting. Preparing text messages without a template is hard, and we’ve decided to solve this problem. In this article, you find 21 samples of texting. Read it and get inspiration for a successful bulk SMS campaign.

    Personalization in cold emails. Warm ice of recipients’ hearts

    Personalization is commonly used for mass mailing to current clients. But what about cold emails? It is also a great opportunity to use email personalization. Users left personal data without any doubts and it is easy to get them. In this article, we tell how to add personalization in a cold email campaign.

    Checking the Quality of Top 2023 Email Verifiers

    Looking for the best email list validation tool? You are in luck because we have collected 5 popular validators and compared the quality of work. Read the article and choose the best tool for email existence check with us!

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