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    11 things to know about email marketing

    Mass mailing is one of the most powerful branding tools out there. Whether it’s a small business or a multi-million dollar corporation, with departments in every country. The development of a company name is equally important in the first and second case. And your main task as a marketer is to be able to deliver timely and relevant information to your audience. Another question is how to do it effectively and what is needed for this. We studied what influences the behavior of the reader, what elements of the letter encourage him to active interaction and decided to share with […]

    How smart is your e-mail marketing campaign?

    If you do not know what email marketing metrics analytics is, then you are welcome! Read the article and find out how to make your newsletter 50% better.

    Pop-up window: How to sell with its help

    Pop-up ads or the so-called pop-ups are forms of online advertising on the Internet, which are often used in digital marketing. How to make a successful pop up ad may be quite a breathtaking experience. So, discover more about pop-up types & how to apply them so that to increase conversion.

    The problem of image-based newsletters: Cool but Spammy

    Image-only emails are rather risky. But why a majority of the brands ignore this fact? Just look in your inbox. Are they so brave sending such newsletters or maybe they use some secret knowledge, hidden from the ordinary email marketer? Well, it could be until today, because we are going to analyze all the pros and cons of using the image-based newsletters in business.

    Email Marketing Statistics and Measuring Tools

    In the case you need some more insights on the most important email analytics & metric, as well as effective tools for measuring, look through the latest list of KPIs in an incredible infographics that help you to always evaluate the work of your mailings.

    Freedom for subscribers: How to unsubscribe a client from SMS mailing

    How to stop text message? Many marketers feel that it is not necessary to make sure that it is easy for a customer to unsubscribe from texts. To refuse getting SMS is a natural right of any subscriber. And sooner or later it happens. Your task is to arrange it effectively with respect to our clients and no harm for our messaging success.

    Personalization is not just a name. Get full of personalized mass emails

    Personalization of email newsletters is the process of creating emails that take into account the personal data of their recipients: their preferences, interests, place of residence, gender, age, and other factors. Continue reading to find out what that is and how to use it appropriately to achieve success in email marketing, which way is too challenging nowadays.

    Once, twice, regularly? How to get results without annoying your recipients

    The frequency of sending email newsletters influence the effectiveness of the whole campaign. Read the article to find out how often to send emails to build strengthen email campaign.

    Primary, Promotions or Spam? How to get to the right Gmail folder

    Each marketer dreams of “Primary” and is afraid of “Spam”. In this article we tell you some tricks how to make emails hitting into Primary, Promotions and Spam.

    The Best Time to Send Emails (Backed by Expert Research) [Update 2023]

    Email marketing isn’t simple. To start a mass mailing campaign you should take into account many factors. For example, the quality of mailing base, email’s content and the most appropriate time to start the mass mailing campaign. Read the article to know what hours, day and month are the best for sending emails.

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