comments 04.05.2021 Ira Byvalkevich @ Email Marketing

Personalization is not just a name. Get full of personalized mass emails


Personalization of email newsletters is the process of creating emails that take into account the personal data of their recipients: their preferences, interests, place of residence, gender, age, and other factors. Continue reading to find out what that is and how to use it appropriately to achieve success in email marketing, which way is too challenging nowadays.

comments 30.04.2021 Ira Byvalkevich @ Email Marketing

Once, twice, regularly? How to get results without annoying your recipients


The frequency of sending email newsletters influence the effectiveness of the whole campaign. Read the article to find out how often to send emails to build strengthen email campaign.

comments 27.04.2021 Natalia Shmorgun @ Email Marketing

Primary, Promotions or Spam? How to get to the right Gmail folder


Each marketer dreams of “Primary” and is afraid of “Spam”. In this article we tell you some tricks how to make emails hitting into Primary, Promotions and Spam.

comments 26.04.2021 Danish Mehmood @ Email Marketing, Guest Post

The Best Time to Send Emails (Backed by Expert Research)

When send emails

Email marketing isn’t simple. To start a mass mailing campaign you should take into account many factors. For example, the quality of mailing base, email’s content and the most appropriate time to start the mass mailing campaign. Read the article to know what hours, day and month are the best for sending emails.

comments 23.04.2021 Irina Podorvan @ Email Marketing, Email Marketing Campaigns, Email Marketing Design, Email Marketing Strategy, Email Marketing Tips

How to create promo emails that increase sales

How to compose a business

Email marketing gives a great opportunity to communicate with clients personally. You can inform them or promote goods in email. In the case of the newsletter is perfect, the customer makes a purchase. Read the article and we reveal the secrets of crafting a promo email that sells.

comments 23.04.2021 Diana Oborska @ Email Marketing

Mailing laws and regulations that you should remember forever


Mass mailing is a very important tool in your marketing strategy. With its help brands are able to communicate with customers and to convey your values. But whatever you do, you need to remember about main email marketing rules, such as compliance with the law spam and spam rules. Read this article, and you will […]

comments 13.04.2021 Ira Byvalkevich @ Email Marketing, Email Marketing Campaigns

500+ Spam Words that Could Send Your Mail List into Spam


The words you use directly affect your mailing results. So, let’s consider how to get rid of spam words to reduce spam complaints and increase the deliverability of your emails in your next email campaigns.