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    How to warm up the domain before mass mailing

      In the case you use a new domain where no mailings have been ever launched previously, or a domain that has not been used for a long time, you need to warm it up. The truth is that when you start sending email campaigns with a new domain or new IP addresses, email services consider you to be an untrustworthy sender. That’s why you need to warm up email domain to improve your reputation and avoid getting into spam. What’s warming up email domain   Warming up email domain means a gradual (within 4-6 weeks) increase in the power […]

    How Covid19 has changed email marketing

    COVID-19 has greatly affected the world of business. It caused a huge wave of digitalization among offline enterprises, and additionally emphasized the need for improvements in communication among the digital ones. The life of every company & customers during the pandemic underwent certain necessary changes like employees switching to remote work, working more productively from their homes, turning to website-based purchases only, changing CRMs or the whole marketing models, etc. Many enterprises tried it online and realized that it suits almost every segment. Global traffic to e-commerce sites grew by almost 12% from January to March, 2020. They also started […]

    SMS vs. Email Marketing

    Email vs SMS: this legitimate question concerns marketers from different industries and enterprises. What to choose if you have limited resources? Which of them will be able to deliver the most value in your exact case? Is there any significant difference between texting and emailing?  Different companies choose different positions in the discussion of “text vs email”. Someone prefers to use emails, someone focuses on SMS messages, and the decisions heavily depend on the industries and specifics of businesses, the results they have achieved from their previous efforts. In this article, we will try to sort it all out and […]

    How to write cold outreach email

    To change the idea of making up cold call emails to the better, it is important to discover in detail how to write such emails for outreach campaigns and raise not only your open rate, but also improve your replay rate statistics. Let’s begin. What’s outreach emails? Cold email marketing is the process of getting in touch with people via letters. In content marketing, the goal is basically to promote an offer or a piece of content, to request a back link, or to attempt to start a partnership/collaboration with a chosen influencer. The fact is that even if you […]

    What is lead scraping?

    Data scrapping lead is a search technology that puts the hard work of extracting data onto the machine. Web pages are retrieved during the parsing process. This is when the data collection takes place. The data is either parsed (broken up into small chunks so that it can be put back together into the same shape over and over again) or reformatted and then saved into a readable form. With it it’s easier to find out how to find lead & store it in the most suitable format. Best tool for generating sales leads One of the best scraping tools […]

    Email newsletter: How to remind about the important without being annoying

    The majority of marketers have problems with when and how to send reminders. To make the things clear I found out for you all the details on: what is email reminder, remind e-newsletters mistakes, how to create gentle email reminders, the frequency of sending such newsletters.

    What do your subscribers want from your mailings?

    According to the good marketing email gurus, the normal open rate for email newsletters is from 15 to 25%, depending on the topic and the audience. In this article, we will consider 7 ways to increase it and improve your email marketing ROI. Seven easy ways for good marketing email Annually an average percent of active contacts may turn into “sleepers” who do not respond to letters. This may be due to the fact that the subscriber no longer uses the specified email, or your emails simply are no longer interesting to them. These inactive subscribers reduce the Open Rate […]

    Delivery and Deliverability: The Best Practices

    Email marketing is the new hit thing about e-commerce. Connecting with your audience, informing and communicating with them personally through emails is definitely a golden way to boost your business. This article will help you realize the importance of email checker, email validator and email verification tool in your business.

    Best Happy Birthday Email and SMS Examples [Update 2023]

    You can’t run birthday campaigns until you actually have customer birthday data. That’s why you need to effectively collect the information about your customers’ dates of birth just like any other email data for effective marketing campaigns. Let’s see how to do it right with the help of the best examples of message wishes for birthday. For convenient management of emails use email studio. We also have a great mailing list software for managing email lists. Using the emails extractor, you can collect email addresses for sending letters.   How to create birthday email from company effectively You may already […]

    Top 11 tips for making your email marketing more effective in 2023

    There are about ten metrics for emails you may find in marketing, however, not all of them are of special interest, yet that depends on your marketing goals. With top 10 tips for email marketing you will handle them easier.

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