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Why do you need interactive email

interactive mails

One of the ways to preserve the effectiveness of your campaigns is interactive mailings. How? – By adding games, tests, various contests, gifs to the email templates instead of traditional pictures or photos that improve performance up to 10 times! Discover more.

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Influencers: Who are they and how to make them useful for business


Discover who influencers are, what’s their contribution to your marketing success may be. Also, find out & how to work with them and where to look for by studying our post, which will help to achieve good results and minimize the risks.

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How to make money with emails: Guide for beginners

how to start money

Newsletter is not only a way to convey information to the audience, but also a working tool for money making. Discover some proven methods of making money on email newsletters, and also learn how to organize all the processes more efficiently.

comments 04.06.2021 Kevin George @ Guest Post

Your Virtual Manual to Email Design Best Practices

Email design guide

Are your emails not able to drive enough revenue for your business? Here are some email design best practices that will be helpful to you.
An awesome infographic helps to remember all details.

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Best Happy Birthday Email and SMS Examples

happy birthday

People are happy to share their data, including their birthday, if you ask for it. Discover how to set up the data collection seamless & effective and use nice congratulation examples?

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What do your subscribers want from your mailings?

what subscribers want from your mailings

Reactivate your inactive subscribers that reduce your Open Rate, so that to boost your new email campaigns. Discover more on what makes effective marketing campaigns and which things to improve there.

comments 01.06.2021 Anastasia Sukhareva @ Email Marketing

Delivery and Deliverability: The Best Practices

Email deliverability

Email marketing is the new hit thing about e-commerce. Connecting with your audience, informing and communicating with them personally through emails is definitely a golden way to boost your business.
This article will help you realize the importance of email checker, email validator and email verification tool in your business.