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    How to find email addresses quickly

    Collecting mailing lists via email hunting is the first thing you need to do to get started with your email marketing campaigns. You may scrap contacts from a wide variety of places: websites, forums, databases, your mailbox, computer, etc. Here it is important to find the contacts whose owners will be potentially interested for the offer. What is website scraping? Website scraping, data extraction, or web harvesting is gathering data for websites on set parameters. The web scraping software may directly search and access the information under the user’s control or automatically, selecting new or updated data and storing it […]

    How can I extract contact information from websites?

      In the case you need to add contacts to your existing contact base, phone number extractor will come in handy alongside other number extraction solutions for effective email marketing that may help to collect contact information from websites. How to get contacts from web pages   Web scraping tools are designed to extract, collect any public information from websites. These resources are needed when you need to quickly receive and store any data from the web in a structured form. Collect contact information from web pages with the help of Atomic solutions. Step-by-step guide to hunting contacts with Atomic […]

    How to install Atomic software on macOS

    The best method for installing Atomic software on macOS is through Parallels Desktop. This application is powerful, efficient, and simple for running windows on Mac computers with Apple M1 and Intel processors. Even better, it doesn’t require you to restart your machine to download Windows-designed programs. We’ll use AtomicMail verifier installation to demonstrate how Parallels Desktop works. Remember, you can apply the same procedure to set up our mass email extractor or any other software.  Here is the step-by-step guide: Download Parallel You can begin by downloading a free trial or buying the product straight away. Go to the website […]

    Onboarding email campaigns. How to convert visitors in real customers

    On average, a user may spend up to 5 hours a day checking both personal and professional emails. Having a valuable presence in your customers or potential customers’ inboxes helps you building brand awareness and keeps you updated. Collecting and maintaining an email list is an effective form of lead generation and support that may help you influence your users’ behavior. In this article, we’ll explain how to convert website visitors into customers by getting an email address from your website subscribers using about seven proven methods. We’ll also go over a few guidelines for collecting emails in a bets […]

    How to track email campaign in Google Analytics

    When you start sending email campaigns, what kind of result do you run for? Do you want to monitor who receives and reads your message… or want to track clicks, sales, and conversions generated by newsletter? There are lots of metrics to choose from. We want to tell you the easy way of email tracking step by step using Google Analytics, the most popular service for monitoring and tracking email campaigns.

    How to send bulk emails without getting blacklisted

    One of the main reasons why it is so hard for email marketers to avoid their campaigns being blacklisted is that filters toughen the requirements for filtering SPAM. That is why you can see the low open rates in your email campaign statistics – some newsletters were flagged by spam filters. Here we are going to tell you some tips how to send bulk emails without spamming.

    How to collect mobile numbers for SMS Marketing in a legal way

    SMS open rate is 98% compared to only 20% of emails. DSIM says that SMS marketing gives 7 times higher effect than email listing. Our 18 years background in mass SMS texting says that this is one of the best ways to increase sales. To reach out to the audience, you should obtain a list of their phone numbers. But watch out! Some methods can even lead to a judicial proceeding. In this article, we will tell you how to collect client phone numbers for text marketing in a legal way and what GDPR says about it.

    What is an email list

      Compared to simple messaging, email marketing services allow you to organize different informational interactions with internet users. The most famous example of this interaction is email lists. An email list is a named list of subscribers’ mailing addresses made to promote mass mailing of letters, usually corresponding to a certain subject. The email list name is a virtual collective of mailing addresses: messages directed to these addresses are delivered to all members. Internet users have the opportunity to join the mailing list they are interested in (subscribing). After registration of the subscription email list, the user will receive materials […]

    What is sender’s reputation and how to save it

      You’ve spent time building a targeted mailing list. Your creative team writes great email newsletters. But there is a problem with the deliverability of your email. The reason can be in an invalid contact database. That’s why you have to improve your email lists management. When you send out an email campaign, the mailbox providers run an initial set of validation checks. This is called an email reputation check. What factors determine the reputation of the sender   And they are a bit like email credit checks, which are influenced by: Domain or IP blacklisted; Frequency of bulk mailings; […]

    How to Collect Email Addresses of all Your Facebook Friends in 10 Seconds

    Read this article to find out the ways of how to find extract email addresses from Facebook. You will learn some easy and fast methods. How to export contacts from Facebook friends’ list. How to find email addresses of your target audience from Facebook with the help of special software.

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