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5 Quick Social Media List Building Tips and Tricks

Hey guys, Here are 5 easy-to-follow tips and tricks that will help you to establish and build your mail list using social media networks. 1. Follow up new signups immediately with a Welcome email and a sample newsletter. Consider using an auto-responder to send an email to new subscribers, informing them of your content and […]

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HTML design for email is a trickier prospect than HTML for the Web. Your message must display correctly across dozens of clients and platforms, each with its own quirks and rendering issues. Good HTML creates branded, usable and attractive email messages that convert better overall than plain text. But when HTML goes bad, your messages […]

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TOP 8 Email Marketing Terms, Meanings, Facts and Bonuses You Should Know

Hi guys, Hope you’re doing well. I would like to introduce some terms, meanings and facts related to Email Marketing. Each and every business or just a niche has its own terms and jargon, and you should be familiar with them to feel stable and navigate easily in the world of Email Marketing. Please enjoy! […]

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Email Marketing Software from AtomPark Comes with Free Email Tracking

For a limited time only, email marketing software company AtomPark Software Inc. offers their award-winning Atomic Mail Sender with a free 60-day subscription to their email tracking service. With the bulk emailer, you can send unlimited emails to unlimited subscribers with no monthly fees — and with Email Tracker, you can see what time each […]

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Email Marketing History – Few Facts and Figures You Should Know

Hi guys, Hope you’re doing really well! How long have you been doing email marketing? A year, few years, maybe even 5. Email technology niche may celebrate at least 15th anniversary, and more than 10 years we are using email technologies as a way to reach customers and leads. Here are few interesting facts about […]

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Atomic Software Updates – Atomic Email Logger 7.05 release and Atomic Pst File Processing Plug-in Update

Hi guys, Hope you’re doing really well. I would like to proudly announce that we have released an update for our Atomic Email Logger software, and we have also updated one of the plug-ins for Atomic Email Logger – Atomic Pst File Processing Plug-in. Atomic Email Logger (EML) is an email harvester designed to search […]

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Digital Marketing Spending – Statistics 2010, Forecasts 2011

Hi friends, Here are statistics on digital marketing spending in 2010. Some $154.4 billion was spent on direct and digital advertising in 2010, up 2.7% over 2009 levels. Of that amount, digital spending accounted for $27.7 billion, driven by search and targeted display advertising: * Search spending accounted for 56.3% of digital spending in 2010, […]